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Central Point

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Learn about this four-story, mixed-use project that features 3,000 square feet of class A ground-floor retail space and 22 market-rate apartments in Gresham.

Central Point 318 NE Roberts Ave.
Gresham, Ore.
located in the Gresham Regional Center
View aerial photo of the area

Central Point is in the Gresham Regional Center, just four blocks from Gresham Central MAX station and is centrally located in the heart of downtown Gresham. This mixed-use project was developed on just over a quarter of an acre, the size of a typical suburban single-family housing lot. With a current waiting list, Central Point has operated near full occupancy since opening and has served as an important catalyst development for the revitalization of historic downtown Gresham.

Central Point offers transit and urban amenities such as parks, a movie theater, shops, restaurants and pubs all within a short walk. From opening day, Central Point made a compelling case for higher-density building on the main streets and cities throughout the region.

Good design and creativity

The development process taught participants several important lessons. First, design matters. Jeff Myhre and Ankrom Moisan architects made use of extensive experience in Portland's Pearl District and an understanding of the aesthetics of urban residential design. Second, parking can make or break the project. Stringent parking requirements can make a higher density project physically and financially infeasible. Surface parking limits the amount of buildable space and structured parking is very expensive. Parking often becomes the key obstacle to implementing more mixed-use projects. At Central Point, project developers used lower parking ratios (0.8 to 1 parking spaces per unit) and tuck-under parking.

A new development model

Metro partnered with Peak Development to pioneer a new funding tool, the transit-oriented development easement. This was the first application of the Metro transit-oriented development easement.

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Project highlights

  • The "tuck-under" parking used at Central Point consumes less space than surface parking, and is far less expensive than fully structured parking
  • Low parking ratio of 0.8 spaces per unit encourages use of transportation alternatives
  • Thoughtful design, including handsome exterior architecture and interior details like hardwood floors and high ceilings, earns higher rents and acceptance from the community
  • In 2006, Peak Development sold Central Point at which time the units were converted into condominiums.


Governor's Livability and Design for Best Transit Oriented Development Award

Tools used

  • State of Oregon transit-oriented development tax exemption
  • Metro Transit-Oriented Development Program, transit-oriented development easement

For more information on these and other tools, see the Community Investment Toolkit.


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