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Map from the draft Regional Transportation Plan

Regional Transportation Plan

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Learn about the Regional Transportation Plan, the Portland metropolitan area's blueprint for a multi-modal transportation system.

Public comment period, March 21 to May 5

The 2014 Regional Transportation Plan public review draft was released for comment on March 21. Find out more

The region’s transportation system is vital to our economy, our community and our lives. The Regional Transportation Plan is the blueprint that guides investments in the region’s transportation system to reduce congestion, build new sidewalks and bicycle facilities, improve transit service and access to transit and maintain freight access.

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Investing in transportation projects

One way the region implements the RTP is by investing in transportation projects. As an MPO, Metro convenes a regional discussion and decision on how best to invest regional flexible funds. More

High Capacity Transit System Plan

Learn about the program to guide regional high capacity transit capital investments by evaluating and prioritizing transportation corridors for potential new projects and extensions to existing lines...More

Freight and goods movement

The Regional Freight Plan will present policies and strategies for moving freight that complement the region's multi-modal transportation system and support regional land use goals.. More

Transportation system management and operations

Transportation system management and operations strategies provide money saving multimodal solutions that relieve congestion, optimize infrastructure investments, promote travel options, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions...More

Mobility Corridors Atlas

Discover how the Mobility Corridors Atlas visually presents land use and transportation data for the region’s major travel corridors to help local transportation planners and policymakers develop strategies that improve mobility...More

Local transportation system plans

Leaders from across the region adopted the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan in 2010, setting the direction for creating an innovative, sustainable transportation system. Learn how local transportation system plans will help bring about that vision...More

Active Transportation Program

Find out how Metro and partners across the region are working to complete the regional active transportation network...More

More about the Regional Transportation Plan

The plan:

  • sets the direction and guides planning for future investments in the region's transportation system
  • establishes policies and priorities for all forms of travel – motor vehicle, transit, pedestrian, bicycle and freight – and street design and the efficient management of the overall system
  • anticipates the region's current and future travel needs based on forecasts of growth in population, households and jobs as well as future travel patterns and analysis of travel conditions
  • evaluates federal, state and local funding that will be available for transportation improvements
  • estimates costs of projects and proposes funding strategies to meet these costs.

While the plan recognizes that most travel in the region will continue to be by auto, alternatives to driving alone, such as transit, walking and bicycling, are also recognized as important. The RTP provides a vision for new ways to get around, such as commuter rail and vanpools, and includes telecommuting, ridesharing and other programs designed to reduce demand on the transportation system. The policies focus on ensuring that all layers of the region's transportation system work together in the most effective way possible, including the efficient management of the overall system. In addition, the policies recognize the importance of the movement of goods and services to our regional economy.

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Decisions about where and when we make transit investments are some of the most important decisions facing our community today. Our choices will influence land development, travel patterns, the economy, public health and our very quality of life.

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