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Westside Trail

Westside Trail master plan

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The future Westside Trail will create new connections among communities in Washington County with a north-south route between the Tualatin and Willamette rivers.

Westside Trail map

The finish line is in sight

The blueprint for the Westside Trail is almost complete. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the draft master plan.

The plan will be presented to local partners and the Metro council for adoption over the next few months. Dates will be posted as they become available.

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View the full master plan
View the public engagement summary

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Someday, the Westside Trail will travel through urban and rural landscapes connecting the Willamette River near Forest Park to the Tualatin River at Tigard and King City – and neighborhoods, businesses and schools along the way.

Metro is working together with residents, cities, park districts and community organizations to create a vision for a trail that will provide a continuous north-south route. Eventually, the trail will connect with portions already completed by the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District and other regional trails including the future Ice Age Tonquin Trail and the Rock Creek Trail.

From vision to reality – planning the trail

Thanks to feedback from the public and project partners, the blueprint for the 25-mile north-south trail is nearing completion. Following open houses in May and October 2012, the project team evaluated the safety of crossings at major roadways, identified potential funding opportunities and developed a recommended timeline for construction. The team is also working on a plan to improve habitat for wildlife along the trail.

A third round of open houses took place on May 8 and 14 to share the proposed route and show how it will connect to surrounding communities.

Input from the meetings will help the team finalize the master plan. Once complete, the plan will be presented the Metro Council for approval.

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Westside Trail project advisory committee

A project advisory committee made up of representatives from the participating jurisdictions, project partners, residents and technical advisers are helping shape the master plan. The committee reviews project information and will make recommendations on the trail alignment, design, funding, phasing, development, operations and maintenance. Committee members will also serve as project liaisons representing the interests and perspectives of their respective jurisdictions, organizations and constituents.

Advisory committee members

  • Dick Winn, Councilor, King City
  • Kevin O'Donnell, Past Chair, CPO 7 and THPRD TAC
  • Lisa Hamilton, Vice President, CPO 4B
  • Joy Chang, associate planner, Washington County
  • Doug Vorwaller, citizen representative, City of Tigard
  • Greg Stout, Grounds and Open Space Coordinator, City of Tigard
  • Steve Gulgren, parks planning superintendent, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District
  • Allan Schmidt, park planner, Portland Parks & Recreation
  • Jill Nystrom, realty specialist, Bonneville Power Administration
  • Tina Tippin, property agent, Portland General Electric
  • Kate McQuillan, transportation planner, Multnomah County
  • Andrew Holtz, committee member, Multnomah County Bike and Pedestrian Citizen Advisory Committee
  • Barbara Nelson, board member, Forest Park Conservancy
  • Crista Gardner (ex-officio), senior transportation planner, Metro

Helping communities and the region, the benefits of the Westside Trail

Trails help build vibrant, healthy communities. As car, gas and insurance prices rise, the percentage of household dollars going to transportation significantly increases. The Westside Trail will offer an affordable, healthy alternative to driving by providing safe biking and walking opportunities. The trail will also promote healthy activities and increased access to nature. The trail will help the local economy by attracting businesses that want to locate near trails to attract and retain employees interested in alternative commute options.

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