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See how Graham Oaks got so green

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From pervious pavement to solar panels, from an ecoroof to local stonework, Graham Oaks Nature Park features sustainable design and construction.

Graham Oaks gateway plaza


Graham Oaks stormwater swales

Stormwater swales in the parking lot and an ecoroof on the picnic shelter help improve water quality.

Welcome to one of the region's greenest parks! At Graham Oaks Nature Park, the pervious pavement in the parking lot manages stormwater and removes pollutants. The solar panels on the restroom feed into the City of Wilsonville's electric grid and the beautiful stonework at the plazas and overlooks is Columbia River Gorge basalt stone. Learn about all the park's sustainable features:

  • Interpretative sign posts were made by a local artist, from recycled steel. Wood used for trellis structures is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as sustainably harvested.
  • Columns on the picnic shelter were built with Columbia River Gorge basalt. The shelter's ecoroof will absorb stormwater.
  • Native ornamental plantings along walkways at Gateway Plaza came from Metro's Native Plant Center. Until they're established, they will be nurtured by a water-efficient irrigation system.
  • A pedestrian bridge that crosses Arrowhead Creek was reused from another Wilsonville park site.
  • You might spot recycled, earth-friendly MetroPaint on the park's restroom. Vaulted windows optimize sunlight and decrease need for electricity.
  • Low-impact parking lot design incorporates pervious pavement and stormwater swales planted with native trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers to improve water quality.
  • Metro used low-impact, environmentally appropriate, locally produced materials, such as the restroom (a pre-fab kit from Roseburg) and the ecoroof on the picnic shelter (from Baker City).

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