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Regional Solid Waste Management Plan

Planning and conservation    Managing garbage and recycling    Regional Solid Waste Management Plan

The Regional Solid Waste Management Plan is a long-range plan that provides a framework for coordinating solid waste and recycling programs in the region.

After a robust process of public input and participation from across the metropolitan area, on July 24, 2008, the Metro Council approved a comprehensive plan to coordinate the region's solid waste and recycling programs over the next decade. The 2008-2018 Regional Solid Waste Management Plan, which includes a state-required waste reduction program, reflects a long-term commitment to reduce the amount and toxicity of waste generated and disposed in the region. The plan is available to download by chapter below. Go

Comments on the plan received during the final phase of public involvement are summarized and addressed in the responsiveness report also available below.

The 12 policies, 13 goals and 68 objectives in the plan will guide continued progress in reducing the amount and toxicity of waste generated and disposed, as well as new initiatives to advance sustainable practices in operations of the solid waste system.

Chapter Summaries

Chapter I, Introduction

Explains the need for a regional solid waste plan and its function, the context behind plan direction, the plan scope, and the process by which the plan developed, including public involvement activities.

Chapter II, Current System

Details roles and responsibilities in solid waste; the array of services, practices and programs in the regional solid waste system (including waste prevention activities); collection consolidation trends; the variety of facilities in the system; and excess capacity at transfer stations and landfills.

Identifies amounts of waste material from the region recovered and disposed, and amounts of highly recoverable resources (e.g., wood, metal, paper) still being landfilled.

Provides an assessment of whether the 64 percent waste reduction goal is likely to be achieved by the statutory benchmark year of 2009.

Chapter III, Future Direction and Regional Policies

Establishes high-level direction for the region through a plan vision, regional values, and regional policies.

Chapter IV, Program Areas

Provides direction, through goals and objectives, for waste reduction program areas (single-family residential, multifamily residential, commercial organics, business, and building industry sectors), as well as education services, hazardous waste management and product stewardship efforts

Chapter V, Sustainable Operations

Provides direction for making solid waste operations more sustainable. These goals and objectives, developed by a group of solid waste system stakeholders, are intended to apply to any solid waste facilities or services in the region regulated by government (including collection).

Chapter VI, Plan Implementation, Compliance and Revision

Contains program implementation, performance measurement, and compliance detail related to waste reduction programs and recycling service levels in the region.


  • Key Solid Waste Laws
  • Disaster Debris Management Plan
  • Disposal System Planning
  • System Improvements Work Plan
  • System and Non-System Facilities
  • Waste Reduction Programs Timetable
  • Guiding Direction
  • Glossary of terms

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