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Benefits of recycling

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Recycling saves resources and creates more jobs than disposal. Discover how recycling benefits our environment and economy.

EcoFacts: Energy
  • What are the benefits of recycling?
  • Where do recyclables go after they are picked up at the curb?
  • What do the numbers mean on plastic bottles?
  • What kind of products are made from recycled plastic, glass and paper?

The PDFs below have the answers to these questions and more.


Glass containers are 100% recyclable and can be made into new containers again and again. Using recycled glass to make new uses 30% less energy.than producing glass from raw materials.


The U.S. plastics industry has the capacity to process more plastic containers than we currently recycle. Producing new plastic from recycled material uses only two-thirds the energy required to manufacture it from raw materials.


By recycling paper, residents in the Metro region saved 8.2 million trees from being harvested - which is equivalent to the number of trees in eight Forest Parks. Recycling 437,000 tons of paper reduces air emissions equivalent to that produced by 200,238 cars driving one year.


By recycling materials such as paper or glass bottles, you capture the energy and resources already used to make that product. Because recycled materials have been refined and processed once, manufacturing the second time around is much cleaner and more energy efficient.


In general, recycling creates six times as many jobs as landfilling waste.

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