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Howell Territorial Park picnic reservations

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Reserve Howell Territorial Park for a picnic or a special occasion.

Reservations for 2014

Metro is now taking picnic reservations for 2014. To make your reservation, call 503-665-4995, option 0. Leave a message with your name, daytime phone number, location and preferred dates.

Reservation requests are time and date stamped and taken in the order received. Messages will be returned as soon as possible. Thank you for making Howell Territorial Park your picnic destination.

Howell Territorial Park has two picnic areas available for reservations from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

House Yard

  • located between the Bybee House and the barn
  • area accommodates up to 175 people
  • includes use of 7 picnic tables and 4 trash cans
  • rental fee – $225 (noon to 5 p.m.)
  • additional hour – $55 (one hour maximum)

Fir Grove

  • area accommodates up to 175 people
  • includes use of 7 picnic tables and 4 trash cans
  • rental fee – $225 (noon to 5 p.m.)
  • additional hour – $55 (one hour maximum)


  • Water: Located in outside spigots at the northeast corner of the house.
  • Electricity: None.
  • Restrooms: Located in the barn. Additional portable restrooms may be brought in at the renter's expense with Metro's permission.
  • Parking: Parking is available in the mowed field. Vehicles are permitted within the fenced-in park area (near the barn) only when loading and unloading. The number of vehicles in this area is limited to two.


Alcohol is allowed in designated areas by permit only. For more information, call Sue Lowe at 503-665-4995 option 0 or email to

Amplified music or public address systems

Amplified noise or music is not permitted. Only acoustic music is allowed.

Catering and amusement providers

Have your picnic or event Howell Territorial Park catered by an approved caterer or entertainment by an amusement provider (no personal inflatable equipment, dunk tanks, rock walls etc., allowed).

Metro regional parks have a new policy for approved caterers and entertainment providers. Any caterer/amusement provider is welcome with the required permit. The customer is responsible for ensuring payment and insurance requirements are submitted to Metro within the required timelines.

To obtain a permit, you are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance to Metro. This certificate must cover the following:

  1. Insurance coverage shall be a minimum of $1,000,000 per occurrence.
  2. Broad form comprehensive general liability insurance covering personal injury, property damage and bodily injury with automatic coverage for premises and operation and produce liability. The policy must be endorsed with contractual liability coverage. Metro, its elected officials, departments, employees and agents shall be named as an additional insured.
  3. Vendor will be required to purchase and maintain $1,000,000 liquor liability insurance if vendor is serving and/or selling alcohol.
  4. Automobile bodily injury and property damage liability insurance. Metro, its elected officials, departments, employees and agents shall be named as an additional insured.

Fees are due when filing for this permit and will be paid on a flat rate basis depending on the amount of guests in your request. The fee schedule:

  • Groups of 0 to125 guests pay $75
  • Groups of 126 to 250 guests pay $125
  • Groups of 250 or more guests pay $200

The caterer/amusement provider holding the permit is responsible for setup, cleanup and takedown of equipment. Garbage receptacles are provided in the park.

Permit and Certificate of Insurance must be received no less than seven days in advance of your event or the caterer/amusement provider will not be allowed to set up.

Your reservation will not be confirmed until Metro receives your signed permit, Certificate of Insurance and payment.

Customer is responsible for ensuring flat rate payment and insurance requirements are submitted in accordance with the timelines identified.

For more information or to obtain a permit, call Sue Lowe at 503-665-4995 option 0 or email

Set-up and clean-up

Rental fees cover a five-hour period from noon to 5 p.m. Time for set-up and clean-up must be included in that time. (Set-up includes unloading of food, beverages, tents, tables, chairs, and decorations. Clean-up consists of picking up all litter and trash, and removing all decorations, equipment and supplies). A $55 per hour charge will be assessed for any additional time (maximum one hour) that the park needs to be open for any reason. This time must be arranged at least two weeks in advance.

Sensitivity to wildlife

No pets are allowed. No balloons are allowed. Birdseed and flower petals are allowed; rice is not allowed because it can be fatal to foraging birds and animals.

Care of the park

All gates must be kept closed. Grazing cattle tend to roam. Do not feed or throw anything at cattle in the pastures. Picking fruit in the historically nurtured orchard or flowers from the gardens is not permitted. Ashtrays must be provided at the renter's expense. Horse carriages are only allowed for one drop-off and pick-up (special use permit required). The carriage must stay on the gravel and pavement at all times, and is not allowed to venture onto the grass, garden or open field.

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