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Transportation and successful places

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In partnership with Metro, Ian Lockwood of AECOM demonstrates how transportation improvements can help retail flourish. Discover new, highly transferable ideas and principals for integrating land use and transportation.

Walkable communities reward the short, sustainable trip, rather than encouraging the long unsustainable trip. Rewarding the short trip means designing walkable neighborhoods where people can live, work, shop and play all within one area rather than having to drive across town to reach an office, school or shopping center.

Ian Lockwood, from the consulting firm AECOM, is a national expert on livable transportation. In this presentation, discover new, highly transferable ideas and principals for integrating land use and transportation. Topics range from smart policy direction to cutting-edge street design ideas.

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Ian Lockwood leading walking audit

What makes a neighborhood walkable?

Pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods have:

  • a center, whether it's a main street or public space
  • enough people to support local businesses and for public transit to run frequently
  • a mix of affordable housing with amenities close by
  • plenty of public places to gather and play.

Learn about three neighborhoods in the Portland metropolitan area evaluated for their walkability by the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute. Go

View a presentation about best practices in walkability for neighborhoods and main streets with a special focus on downtown Hillsboro. Go

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