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Mobility Corridors Atlas

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Discover how the Mobility Corridors Atlas visually presents land use and transportation data for the region’s major travel corridors to help local transportation planners and policymakers develop strategies that improve mobility.

Local transportation planners and policymakers seek multimodal solutions to traffic congestion and other mobility related problems in their communities. Mobility Corridors are a new way to organize, integrate and understand land use and transportation data - bringing it all together in a comprehensive look for each of 24 unique travel corridors.

How it works

For each corridor, the atlas presents a series of maps and charts showing land use and transportation network characteristics and system performance. Each map and graph is accompanied by short explanations of the data. A "quick facts" box for each corridor gives handy data for the entire corridor, allowing easy comparisons with other corridors in the region. The information is useful for identifying strategies and investment priorities, and provides a framework for tracking change over time.

Click the number on the map to view a PDF for that corridor, or follow the links below.

Mobility atlas version 1.1 July 2010

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How to use the atlas

A guide to understanding the maps and charts in the mobility atlas. Go

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