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Puppet shows for grades K-3

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Metro's free puppet shows for elementary schools make it fun to learn about composting, natural gardening and recycling.

Excite your students about science and social studies with puppets! With humor and song, the puppet shows complement your curriculum, helping students appreciate the importance of recycling and caring for the earth.

Each puppet show lasts approximately 35 minutes and can be performed for audiences of 50 to 125 students in your library, gym or multipurpose room. To schedule a puppet show, call 503-797-1522 or send email to

Each show's songs, lyrics and curriculum are available for download below.

Kenji and the 3 Rs

As Kenji and his dog, Charlie, tussle with a bag of trash, everyday items come to life and teach Kenji about natural resources and the benefits of reducing waste, reusing items and recycling materials.

Compost City

Join Edworm and friends as they travel deep into a compost pile to see how bugs and bacteria "break it down." Students will see how compost can help plants such as the sunflower grow and how composting can reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

Mother Nature's Garden

Sammy Salmon and Mother Nature help a friendly gardener learn how to cope with garden pests in her backyard. Students will be introduced to gardening strategies that help protect wildlife and water quality.

Resource RRRescuers

This puppet show is no longer on our performance schedule, but you can still enjoy songs from the show.

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By the Numbers

Number of students who have seen Kenji and the 3 Rs so far during its 87 shows from winter 2006 - spring 2007.

Teacher feedback

Terrific resources, thanks for coming back year after year. You do an awsome job. Natural resources were more comprehensible after the puppet show.

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