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Walking safety

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Find a few common-sense tips to follow while walking.

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Accommodate injuries or limitations

Listen to your body and walk at your own pace that's comfortable. If you feel pain beyond a mild discomfort, stop the activity and treat the pain. Check with your health care provider for any cautions.

Drink water

Drink water before, during and after physical activity to prevent dehydration.

General safety guidelines for walking

  • Cross at the corner and use the crosswalk.
  • Walk against traffic on roads with no sidewalks.
  • Wear light- or brightly-colored clothing and reflective patches.
  • Use lights when walking at night.
  • Watch for turning vehicles.
  • Look left, right and left again before crossing.
  • Establish eye contact with drivers and cyclists.
  • Stay to the right on off-street paths shared with cyclists.
  • Check the path: watch for uneven pavement, slick surfaces, curbs and ramps.
  • Be sure your shoes are appropriate for the activity.

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