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Native plants for Willamette Valley yards

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Native plants can support wildlife, protect waterways, and save time and money.

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The native plants for Willamette Valley yards booklet includes 140 plants primarily native to the Portland metropolitan area.

The guide offers detailed information on sun and moisture requirements, wildlife benefits and native range within northwestern Oregon and southwestern Washington. It also provides resources for design help, plant sources, invasive plant information and botanical references.

The native plants booklet was created by Metro in collaboration with more than 20 partners around the region. Residents of the Portland metropolitan region can call Metro for a paper copy at 503-234-3000.

Download the native plants guide

Planting well-chosen natives can create wildlife habitat, conserve water and reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers that can pollute local rivers and streams. That’s because once they’re established in well-suited sites, many natives thrive without the need for much care, while bringing the beauty of our region’s natural areas closer to home.

Download the native plants guide

Healthy homes for all

Native plants are "born and raised" in the local environment; they have grown up together with native wildlife and insects. So including native plants in your back yard or landscaping provides the best food and shelter for the native species that call the Pacific Northwest home. Remember, native plants attract native bugs, and native bugs attract native birds and wildlife.

Benefits of native plants and natural gardening

Native plants and natural gardening practices:

  • save water, energy, time and money
  • keep local streams and rivers healthy
  • attract birds, butterflies and beneficial wildlife to your yard
  • protect fish and wildlife habitat.

Watch a brief instructional video on native plants and other hot gardening topics. Go

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