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Urban development and revitalization

Planning and conservation    Urban development and revitalization

Learn about efforts to focus development in existing urban areas well served by transit and other services and amenities. Discover how communities are working to revitalize historic downtowns and main streets and build walkable, affordable neighborhoods.

In the region's long-range plan, the 2040 Growth Concept, high-quality development in centers and along transit corridors is key to maintaining the livable communities and natural beauty that make our region special. The plan designates regional and town centers and calls for growth to be concentrated in these centers − as well as main streets, station communities and corridors − in order to use urban land most efficiently.

New projections showing that the region's population is growing faster than expected place a premium on the efficient use and redevelopment of urban land. Demographic considerations such as the aging of our population have additional implications for land use; as people get older, they often seek higher-density housing within walking distance of transit, retail areas, and medical facilities.

As the region's population grows and the costs of public facilities and services continue to rise, it is increasingly important to make good use of the limited supply of land that already has access to urban services, including roads, transit and schools.

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Downtowns and main streets

Cities and developers around the country are realizing the long-term benefits of mixed-use neighborhoods that combine housing, employment, retail, cultural and recreational activities in a walkable environment that is well-served by transit...More

Transit-oriented development

Metro’s transit-oriented development program takes planning from the conceptual to the actual by investing in development projects in key locations throughout the region...More

Expanding transportation choices

Metro works to improve air quality, reduce car traffic and create more opportunities for walking, biking, taking transit and carpooling...More

Brownfields recycling program

Metro is working to enhance the efficient use of land through redevelopment of underutilized properties, while providing an economic stimulus and other benefits to communities...More

Nature-friendly development

Learn more about nature-friendly development practices that benefit the environment and your business...More

Housing choice and affordability

The availability of affordable housing choices for different types of households is a key feature of a livable community. The location of housing in relation to jobs, shopping, transportation and other services significantly impacts quality of life...More

Community investment toolkit

The Community Investment Toolkit provides information to local governments, nonprofit organizations, developers and community leaders about best practices for creating and enhancing vibrant urban communities...More

Tools for designing streets

Discover practical information for designing safe and healthy streets with four handbooks published by Metro...More

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Rows of houses

City design and urban innovation for a new era

Learn about the redevelopment and revitalization of strip commercial corridors and business parks from Michael Freedman, internationally recognized urban designer.

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Town Center infill development

Infill development

Learn how innovative code approaches can help streamline the approval process for infill development.Go

By the Numbers

In 2003, there were 31,000 acres of vacant, buildable land within the urban growth boundary, a combined area roughly 70 times the size of downtown Portland.

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