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Natural gardening videos and how-to resources

Tools for living    Natural gardening    How-to tips and videos

Get tips from Metro's natural gardening expert, download gardening guides and publications, watch videos and discover more great resources for learning to garden without harmful chemicals.

Carl Grimm

Tips from Metro's expert

Metro's natural gardening expert Carl Grimm shares his knowledge about how to easily grow a beautiful garden without having to use toxic chemicals.

Natural gardening instructional videos

Watch video gardening tips from Metro natural gardening expert Carl Grimm, courtesy of AM Northwest and KATU-TV. More

Meet the garden experts

Whether you’re going for a greener lawn, investing in bird-attracting plants, or growing veggies behind your rental, these gardeners help you take your yard to the next level – and keep your families, pets and waterways healthy and safe at the same time. More

Safe solutions to summer problems

You can keep bug problems at bay by following these easy and inexpensive techniques. More

Incredible edibles, flowers and fall leaves

Flavorful foods, fantastic flowers, and fertile soil are yours for the making this fall. And you’re not alone. Nature is at the ready to help you grow a great garden that’s safe for people, pets and local wildlife. More

Growing a memorable meal

Do you seek the freshest, most delicious, sustainable food for sharing meals with friends and family? Search no farther than your yard. More

Better soil, less toil

Learn the key to healthy soil and how easy it is to give your lawn or garden what it needs to thrive. More

Your winter garden

Learn from wildlife, soil and rain in your garden in winter to prepare for a more bountiful spring. More

Green renovate your yard

Learn how to easily and inexpensively green renovate your yard to make it healthier for people, pets and the planet. More

Spring garden tips

Springtime in the garden. Ready to dig in? From clearing out the chemicals to picking native plants, growing green brings big benefits to people, pets and the planet. Get started today with these tips. More

More gardening resources and publications

Natural gardening guidebook

Use this helpful guide to natural techniques to control pests and weeds, encourage beneficial insects and grow a healthier yard and garden.Go

Living with wildlife in your garden

Learn to live with wildlife in your yard. Get strategies and tips for living near raccoons, squirrels, coyotes, skunks, deer, bats, rabbits, woodpeckers, songbirds and beavers.Go

Simple steps to a healthy lawn and garden

Follow these easy steps to growing a healthy garden without using pesticides or other chemicals.Go


Want a simple, natural approach to lawn care? Consider grasscycling – leaving the grass clippings on the lawn.Go

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Natural gardening advice from OSU Master Gardeners™

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Rain gardens

Some gardens are planted for a specific purpose, like growing good things to eat or flowers to pick. A rain garden's purpose is to catch rain water with its plants and soil.

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Natural gardening videos

Leaf composting

Find out the easiest and best thing to do with all those fallen leaves in your garden with Metro's natural gardening expert Carl Grimm on KATU TV's AM Northwest. This and other videos show you how easy it is to grow green. Browse videos

New tool

Grow Smart Grow Safe cover

Grow Smart, Grow Safe

Metro’s guide to hundreds of pesticides, fertilizers and soil amendments has gone interactive. Check the new searchable directory to find lawn and garden products least hazardous to people, pets and the planet. 

Visit the directory

Native plant guide

Native plants brochure cover
Discover native plants

The native plants booklet includes 140 plants listed with detailed information on sun and moisture requirements, wildlife benefits and more. Download the native plant guide

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