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Rain gardens

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Some gardens are planted for a specific purpose, like growing good things to eat or flowers to pick. A rain garden's purpose is to catch rain water with its plants and soil.

A nature-friendly solution

A rain garden is a natural or landscaped basin that captures and soaks up water that runs off your roof, driveway, walkway or other hard areas around your home. A rain garden is planted with native trees, shrubs, flowers and other plants. When a rain garden is added to a yard or garden, it collects rain water like a sponge and allows it to slowly filter into the ground before it becomes polluted stormwater runoff, resulting in healthier urban waterways and habitats.

Benefits of rain gardens

Not only do rain gardens protect habitat for fish and wildlife, they offer a wide range of advantages for your home and garden. Rain gardens:

  • are beautiful and easy to incorporate into your yard
  • conserve water
  • reduce standing water in your yard
  • reduce mosquito breeding
  • survive drought seasons
  • create habitat for beneficial bugs, birds and butterflies
  • come in all shapes and sizes that let your creativity blossom!


*Please note that the following resources are informational only; plant lists or other information may not be applicable to the Pacific Northwest.

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