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Westside Trail

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Learn about the goals and objectives for Westside Trail. View maps illustrating the Metro Council's priorities for this regional trail corridor and learn more about what parts of the trail are already complete.

The Metro Council's goal and objectives for the Westside Trail target area are:

photo of Westside Trail target area


  • Develop a continuous trail corridor from the Tualatin River north to and east through Forest Park to connect to the Willamette River Greenway and 40-Mile Loop Trail.


Tier I Objective

  • Develop a continuous trail corridor by acquiring needed right-of-way and easements for a regional trail that connects the Tualatin River to the Willamette River and onward to the 40-Mile Loop Trail (at St. Johns Bridge).

Tier II Objective

  • Acquire properties that directly enhance the use of or access to the Westside Trail corridor. Acquisition of these properties will be subject to a 50% match from a local partner.

About the area

The Westside Trail will be located primarily within a scenic 16-mile utility corridor stretching from the Tualatin River in Tigard through Beaverton. Mostly owned by the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), the corridor averages 225 feet in width, approximately 25 feet of which will be needed for the trail. The corridor presents a unique opportunity to develop a critical piece of the regional trails system serving as the primary recreation and alternative transportation connection for people getting to jobs, services and recreation areas throughout the most densely populated and fastest growing portion of Washington County. The trail will connect major trails and natural areas in Washington County to the region's largest natural area, 5,000-acre Forest Park, and the Willamette River to the north. To date, nearly 3.5 miles of the trail have been built or are under construction.

2006 Natural Areas Program bond description

This 24-mile north/south alignment stretches from the Tualatin River in Tigard north through Beaverton, unincorporated Washington and Multnomah counties through Forest Park to the Willamette River. The corridor, located within one mile of over 120,000 residents, and near numerous parks, schools, regional centers and the MAX line, could become a primary Westside recreation and commuter spine.

Focus for Metro's 2006 Natural Areas Program

  • Ensure the future of the Westside Trail and connect other regional trails and natural areas for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Field research and scientific data findings

  • There are several regionally significant natural areas adjacent to or nearby the Westside Trail corridor including Forest Park at the northern end, Cooper Mountain Nature Park in the middle near Beaverton and the Tualatin River Greenway to the south. Preserving this connection is important for both people and wildlife from throughout the region.
  • Opportunities exist throughout the Westside Trail's powerline corridor to preserve habitat, wetlands, riparian buffers and sensitive lands.
  • Preserving a wildlife corridor in the northern end of the trail is challenging and particularly important for wildlife.

Public input helps Metro Council set priorities

In September 2007 the Metro Council approved acquisition plans for each of the 27 regional target areas. The Metro Council established these priorities with the input of natural resource and land use experts, scientists, citizens and local land managers. More than 500 people attended eight community open houses to share their ideas with Metro Councilors. Nearly 1,000 people filled out questionnaires ranking their priorities and offering ideas for partnerships and other ways to stretch the public's investment. The acquisition plans include a map, goals and objectives for each target area.

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The future Westside Trail will create new connections among communities in Washington County with a north-south route between the Tualatin and Willamette rivers.

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