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Cazadero Trail

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Learn about the goals and objectives for Cazadero Trail. View maps illustrating the Metro Council's priorities for this regional trail corridor and learn more about what parts of the trail are already complete.

The Metro Council's goal and objectives for the Cazadero Trail target area are:

photo of the Cazadero Trail target area


  • Acquire lands necessary to complete the Cazadero Trail between Boring and Barton Park.


Tier I Objectives

  • Acquire property in Boring to establish a trailhead and provide additional parking on the south side of Hwy 212.
  • Acquire land necessary to connect trails via trestles over the creek.

Tier II Objective

  • If the trail must be re-routed acquire land and/or easements in the area to the northwest, west and south of the camp.
  • Acquire property just south of Hwy 224 (north of Barton Park) to establish a southern trailhead outside of Barton Park.

Partnership Objective

  • Pursue partnership opportunities with Oregon State Parks and possibly PGE to leverage regional bond dollars for trail construction funds.

About the area

The proposed Cazadero Trail route follows the historic Oregon Water Power and Railway Co. rail line, which connected Portland to Cazadero, two miles upriver from Estacada. The trail would drop into Deep Creek Canyon from the northeast in Boring and extend the Springwater Corridor from downtown Portland to Barton. The creek serves as the principal corridor connecting the Clackamas River to habitat in the urbanizing Milwaukie and Johnson Creek watershed. Interested parties working on plans and coordinating efforts for the Cazadero Trail corridor include Clackamas County, the Boring CPO, the Salvation Army and Oregon State Parks.

In the future, the Cazadero Trail could extend beyond Barton through Eagle Creek, Estacada, the Faraday, Cazadero and Promontory Park areas on up the Clackamas River corridor eventually connecting to Mount Hood and the Pacific Crest Trail.

2006 Natural Areas Program bond description

This forested 4-mile corridor located between Boring and Barton Park runs along the north fork of Deep Creek and follows an historic rail line used to ship timber from Cascade forests to the Portland riverfront. Enhancement of the corridor for trail use will connect campgrounds, future interurban trails, and Portland (via the Springwater Corridor) to Mount Hood and the Pacific Crest Trail.

Focus for Metro's 2006 Natural Areas Program

  • Secure the trail corridor from Boring to Barton Park connecting campgrounds and future trails to public forestlands and Portland (via the Springwater Corridor).

Field research and scientific data findings

  • The north fork of Deep Creek is a healthy fish run with salmon and steelhead passage and spawning.
  • The corridor has an extensive intact tree canopy, which is vital for fish and wildlife habitat, and provides views from trails.

Public input helps Metro Council set priorities

In September 2007 the Metro Council approved acquisition plans for each of the 27 regional target areas. The Metro Council established these priorities with the input of natural resource and land use experts, scientists, citizens and local land managers. More than 500 people attended eight community open houses to share their ideas with Metro Councilors. Nearly 1,000 people filled out questionnaires ranking their priorities and offering ideas for partnerships and other ways to stretch the public's investment. The acquisition plans include a map, goals and objectives for each target area.

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