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Guide to hazardous waste

Garbage and recycling    Guide to hazardous waste

Wondering what to do with those old paint cans, motor oil and pesticides – and how to best dispose of them? Whether you’re a home or business, Metro has drop-off centers to take your hazardous waste.

hazardous waste

What is hazardous?

Many household products you use in your yard and home can hurt people, fish and wildlife if used or disposed of incorrectly. You may be surprised at the products in your home that have the words "warning" and "caution" or even "poison" on the label. You should never dispose of your household toxic trash down the sink, on the ground, down a storm drain or in your garbage can...More

Where to take hazardous waste

Metro operates two hazardous waste facilities there is a $5 fee to dispose of an average load of household hazardous waste. There is a per-load fee for households. Businesses that generate less than 220 pounds of hazardous waste can use Metro’s small business hazardous waste program...More

Neighborhood collection events

Free household hazardous waste collection events take place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every week (except Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends) between early March and mid-November in many communities across the Portland tri-county area. These events are small, frequent and community-friendly...More

Preparing hazardous materials for disposal

Whether you are bringing your household hazardous waste to Metro’s facilities or to a neighborhood collection roundup, prepare and transport your materials properly. This will minimize risks to you, your family, property, and our staff from accidental spills or dangerous mixing of materials...More

Small business hazardous waste program

If your business generates small amounts of hazardous waste, you may be eligible to dispose of hazardous waste at a designated Metro facility via the Conditionally Exempt Generator (CEG) program...Go

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Number of people who brought their toxic trash to a Metro facility or community event in 2011.

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