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¡Vámonos! bilingual maps help you get moving

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Bilingual maps, available now, help you explore Cornelius, Forest Grove and Hillsboro on foot and by bike.

Información en español.

Washington County is home to a rich cultural history, beautiful parks, unique main streets and…great walking and biking routes!

Metro and Kaiser Permanente’s new ¡Vámonos! maps highlight family-friendly routes to explore by foot and by bike in Cornelius, Forest Grove and Hillsboro.

girl with glasses and Vamanos mapsEveryone knows walking and biking are good for health, but sometimes, it’s hard to know where the best routes are.

The ¡Vámonos! maps answer that question as they cover a lot of ground: they show longer bike routes with big views, as well as scenic, short and safe walking routes that connect residents with schools, parks, grocery stores and more.

The maps also call out churches, interesting and old trees, historic points of interest, transit stops and safe crossings of busy streets.

Each town’s map outlines one main route with offshoot connections to other interesting sites. The main route in Forest Grove is 7.7 miles; in Cornelius it’s 5.5 miles and in Hillsboro, it’s 5.4 miles.

The maps are free and easy to use. Each one features information in English and Spanish, and suggestions for using the maps to get around town.

The routes have been tested by Metro’s walking experts for suitability and to ensure the safety of you and your family.

boy and his bikeWhat you’ll discover with the ¡Vámonos! maps

With the ¡Vámonos! maps as your guide, you can craft daily walking and biking routes that take you where you need to go, or fun recreational excursions that become part of a lifetime of healthy habits. Here are a few of the sites you’ll discover along the way:


  • playgrounds at Harleman, Alpine and Dogwood parks
  • Centro Cultural, founded in 1972 by some of Cornelius’s first Latino families, located across the street from Virginia Garcia's Cornelius Wellness Center
  • soccer and baseball fields near Neil Armstrong Middle School
  • a peaceful Tualatin River park where steamboats landed in the 1860s
  • scenic nature routes around Hagg Lake and Fernhill Wetlands

Forest Grove

  • playgrounds at Talisman and Rogers parks
  • an aquatic center and skatepark at Lincoln Park
  • historic downtown Forest Grove, with shops, cafes and a seasonal farmers market
  • basketball courts and picnic shelters at Bard Park
  • car-free routes around the 10k Emerald Necklace and the Banks-Vernonia Trail


  • a seasonal farmers market, a fountain and city services at the Civic Center Plaza
  • picnic shelters, hiking trails and a swimming pool at SHARC and Shute Park
  • Outdoors In, an indoor playground for those rainy days
  • a splash park at Walnut Street Park for those hot summer days (opening summer 2012)
  • scenic, car-free routes round the Rood Bridge and Rock Creek trails

¡Vámonos! partners

Metro and Kaiser Permanente partnered with community groups and local governments in Cornelius, Forest Grove and Hillsboro to create the maps:

group on Vamanos walking event

Where to find ¡Vámonos! maps

You can find ¡Vámonos! maps at our events below. Event attendees will also receive some great, free giveaways! You can also find maps at the following locations:

If you would like large quantities of free maps for your school or community group, please contact Metro Regional Travel Options at or at 503-813-1757.

To view PDF files, download free Adobe Reader. To translate PDF files into text to assist visually-impaired users, visit

To view MOV files, download free QuickTime.

¡Vámonos! maps

Download and print copies of the bilingual biking and walking maps for Cornelius, Forest Grove and Hillsboro. Download the Points of Interest handouts to learn more about what's in your community.

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