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Find e-mail and mailing addresses, phone numbers and web page shortcuts for Metro's programs and services and a map to Metro Regional Center.

Metro Regional Center

600 NE Grand Ave., Portland, OR 97232-2736
503-797-1700 | 503-797-1804 TDD | 503-797-1797 fax

Contact information

  • Send questions, concerns and feedback about the website to
  • Most Metro staff can be reached by sending e-mail to:

Elected officials

Council office
503-797-1540 | 503-797-1793 fax

503-797-1891 | 503-797-1831 fax

Programs and services

Annexation and boundary changes
Linda Martin, 503-797-1843

Budget and financial information
Finance and regluatory services department, 503-797-1616
Federal Tax ID, financial report and audit, 503-797-1821

Bus and MAX information
Metro does not operate the region’s buses or MAX light rail; this is done by TriMet, another public agency. Call 503-238-RIDE (7433) or visit

Contractor’s Business License program
503-797-1616 | 503-797-1791 fax

Garbage haulers
Metro does not haul garbage. To find out who hauls your garbage, see Who’s my hauler?

Internship opportunities
Jan Jung, internship program coordinator, 503-797-1567

Jobs (human resources)
503-797-1570 | 503-797-1798 fax | 503-797-1777 jobs hotline

Land use planning
503-797-1562 | 503-797-1930 fax

Legislative affairs
Randy Tucker, legislative affairs manager, 503-797-1512

Maps and data (Data Resource Center)
503-797-1742 | 503-797-1909 fax

Jim Middaugh
or Patty Unfred
503-797-1685 | 503-890-6211 (after hours)

Metro Recycling Information hotline
503-234-3000 | 503-797-1851 fax
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Metro Exposition Recreation Commission (MERC)
503-797-1780 | 503-797-1793 fax

Natural Areas Program

Office of Citizen Involvement
Heather Coston, 503-813-7552

Oregon Convention Center (OCC)
503-235-7575 | 503-235-7417 fax

Oregon Zoo
503-226-1561, ext. 0 | 503-226-6836 fax

Portland Center for the Performing Arts
503-248-4335 | 503-274-7490 fax

Portland Expo Center (Expo)
503-736-5200 | 503-736-5201 fax

Public affairs and government relations

Parks and natural areas
503-797-1850 | 503-797-1849 fax

Solid waste
503-797-1850 | 503-797-1795 fax | 503-797-1835 illegal dumping

Sustainability Center
503-797-1650 | 503-797-1849 fax

Transportation planning
503-797-1735 | 503-797-1730 fax

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600 NE Grand Ave.
Portland, OR 97232-2736
503-797-1804 TDD
503-797-1797 fax