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Southwest Corridor Plan spring 2013 open house

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Learn about the high capacity transit options considered to advance for more detailed analysis and review the staff draft recommendation from June 13, 2013. Feedback questionnaires were open through June 26, 2013.

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Southwest Corridor Plan transit options

Decision-makers are working to determine which high capacity transit options should advance for more detailed analysis.

The materials below were presented at the May 23 community planning forum.

From May 23 to June 26, more than 1700 respondents offered feedback on the transit options through an online questionnaire. Results will be available in early July.

Staff draft recommendation

Project partner staff offered a draft recommendation for consideration by the steering committee on June 13, 2013. The staff draft recommendation included:

  • local transit service system improvement direction to TriMet
  • additional study of light rail and bus rapid transit alternatives from Portland to Tualatin, via Tigard
  • roadway and active transportation projects based on their supportiveness of the potential high capacity transit line or community land use vision
  • parks, trails and natural areas projects that benefit quality of life, economic development, walking and biking connections and natural resource protection
  • regulation and policy adjustment and incentive development to build private investment consistent with community visions.

Download the staff draft recommendation (9.6M PDF)

From June 13 to June 26, more than 950 respondents offered feedback on the staff draft recommendation through an online questionnaire. Results will be available in early July.

Public involvement report: Recommendation

Find out what project partners heard from the public in response to the high capacity transit options and the staff draft recommendation.
Download the draft report (4M PDF)

Transit options materials

Southwest Corridor Plan high capacity transit decisions timeline

The high capacity transit decisions timeline shows what decisions are on the table for July, and what decisions will be made after more detailed analysis in 2014 and even through 2017. This July, the steering committee will focus on:

  • Destination
  • Which modes to carry forward for further study
  • Policy direction on “level” of BRT for further study
  • Direction on Southwest (Transit) Service Enhancement Plan
Southwest Corridor Plan high capacity transit considerations

High capacity transit tradeoff considerations

There are multiple considerations when determining the right type of and level of investment for high capacity transit. These include:

  • ridership
  • travel time
  • operating cost and efficiency
  • capital costs
  • funding
  • right of way and property impacts
  • roadway impacts
  • interaction with autos
  • land use and development potential
  • economic development.
Southwest Corridor Plan high capacity transit destinations and costs Determining where high capacity transit should go in the corridor will affect capital costs, transit system operating costs and transit ridership as well as the benefits that such an investment will bring to help meet the local community visions in the areas it may serve.
Southwest Corridor Plan bus rapid transit considerations If the steering committee determines that bus rapid transit should advance for more detailed analysis, it will also give direction on how it should be designed for that analysis, including the level of exclusive right of way it should have.
Historic regional high capacity transit funding shares  Each regional high capacity transit investment has relied on a multi-jurisdictional funding strategy to be built.
Southwest Corridor Plan outcomes As the steering committee balances the benefits and tradeoffs of the options for high capacity transit and other investments, it will do so in light of several potential outcomes for the communities in the corridor.
Future transit decisions: Design options The alternatives that are advanced for more detailed analysis may have multiple design options, serving different needs and goals. These design options will be analyzed and decided on during a refinement stage through mid-2014.

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