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Solid Waste Information System

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Use SWIS eFile to file solid waste regulatory reports, fee and tax returns. Remit solid waste fees and taxes. SWIS eFile is for holders of solid waste licenses, solid waste franchises and designated facility agreements.

About swis

Metro’s Solid Waste Information System (SWIS) is a data management application and database established in 1989 for tracking the flow and disposal of solid waste generated in the Metro region. At present, the SWIS website supports only an electronic filing function – SWIS eFile, a secure portal for Metro’s regulated community, and for disposal sites that collect solid waste fees and taxes on behalf of Metro. Eventually, the SWIS website will be expanded to include summary data and reports accessible to anyone interested in solid waste and recycling around the region.

links to swis and swis tools

Go to SWIS eFile

Click the above link to access the SWIS eFile system.

SWIS eFile User Guide
View, print or download the instruction manual for SWIS eFile.

User registration form
Submit requests to register a new SWIS eFile user, or to change the permitted actions of current users.

Please note: access to SWIS eFile is currently limited to holders of solid waste licenses, franchises, and designated facility agreements with Metro. See also "Solid Waste Management Franchising and Licensing" under "related links" below.

instructional videos for SWIS eFile

Overview of SWIS eFile
An introduction to SWIS eFile. SWIS eFile roles. Logging in. Navigating the site.

The Submitter part 1: uploading and entering data in SWIS eFile
Step-by-step instructions for uploading and troubleshooting data.

The Submitter part 2: info and reviewing the filing
Step-by-step instructions for entering supplemental information. Reviewing regulatory reports and fee and tax returns.

The Certifier: approving reports in SWIS eFile
Step-by-step instructions for approving regulatory reports and fee & tax returns.

The Payer: remitting payments through SWIS eFile
Step-by-step instructions for remitting solid waste fee and tax payments to Metro. Explanation and instructions for the three methods of payment: by check, by electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank, or through Metro’s partnership with US Bank ePayment Express.

SWIS eFile administrative tools
Managing data. Viewing your history. Changing contact information. Requesting assistance.


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