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Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program

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The Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program document identifies how all federal transportation money is spent in the Portland metropolitan area.

Public comment period, March 21 to May 5

During the comment period, take a short survey to inform the 2015-18 Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program and other plans and policies being decided, or you may choose to give public comment specific to the 2015-18 MTIP. Share your views

The 2015-18 Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program public review draft was released for comment on March 20. Download the 2015-18 MTIP public review draft (1.4M PDF)

Submit comments by web, to or to Metro Planning and Development, 600 NE Grand Ave., Portland OR 97232. The hearing impaired may call TDD 503-797-1804. The Metro Council is scheduled to hold a hearing during their regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, July 17 to consider public comments received during the comment period and act on the legislation.

2015-18 Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program

Metro initiated the development of the 2015-2018 Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP) with the project solicitation for the 2015-2018 Regional Flexible Fund Allocation (RFFA) process. The 2016-18 RFFA is the competitive process Metro uses to allocate federal transportation funds to projects throughout the region.

Learn about regional flexible funds

The MTIP includes all federally funded transportation projects in the Portland Metropolitan area, including projects planned by TriMet, the Oregon Department of Transportation and local agencies receiving federal funds allocated by Metro. The MTIP is incorporated in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), which identifies the state’s four-year transportation capital improvements. A draft of the 2015-2018 STIP is expected to be completed in December 2013 followed by a public comment period and adoption in summer 2014.

2015-18 MTIP schedule for 2013 and 2014

May 2013

JPACT releases RFFA project nominations for public comment

May and June 2013

Regional public comment period

July and August 2013

Policy Coordinating Committees action to nominate projects

September and October 2013

Action of regional flexible fund allocation (TPAC, JPACT and Metro Council)

January 2014

Draft 2015–18 STIP released

March 2014

Draft 2016–18 MTIP released

March and April 2014

Public comment period

May 2014

Air quality analysis released; public comment period

June and July 2014

JPACT and Metro Council adopt the 2016–18 MTIP

August 2014

Adoption of the 2015–18 STIP by the Oregon Transportation Commission

September 2014

FHWA/FTA approval of 2015–18 STIP and the air quality conformity analysis of the 2016–18 MTIP


The adoption draft of the 2016-18 MTIP will be considered and acted on by JPACT and the Metro Council in September 2013. Once the MTIP is approved, it will replace the 2012-15 MTIP.

2012-15 Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program

The Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program is the federally required documentation of transportation investments scheduled for the Portland metro region during a four-year cycle. The MTIP comprises projects and programs administered by Metro, ODOT, TriMet and SMART. Metro is required to prepare the MTIP document every two years and includes the scheduling of project funding over a four-year period. The MTIP is incorporated without change into the State TIP. Current programming of funds and projects is also available in the State Transportation Improvement Program.

Visit the state website

The document also describes how the projects included meet federal planning and programming regulations. The information available in the MTIP report includes the years in which projects have been programmed to receive funds, the phases funded and revenue sources. Programming is the process to determine the availability of fund revenues from the many federal funding programs and match them to the funding needs and schedules of selected projects. Most projects receive federal funds over the course of several years for different phases of development: project definition and development, final design and engineering, right of way acquisition and construction.

Metro invited residents to comment on the upcoming four-year schedule of federal and state transportation spending in the Portland area. The 30-day comment period ended February 13, 2012.

This comment period was intended to let the public weigh in on project schedules and is required by federal agencies. Allocation of money to programs and projects has already been through an extensive public involvement process.

The policy report that guided the development of the 2012-15 MTIP, including the guidelines for regional flexible funds allocation, is available for downloading below.

The Metro Council adopted the 2012-15 MTIP by resolution on March 15, 2012.

The MTIP includes all federally funded transportation projects in the Portland Metropolitan area, including projects planned by TriMet, the Oregon Department of Transportation and local agencies receiving federal funds allocated by Metro.

The Air Quality Conformity Determination estimates carbon monoxide emissions and precursors of smog (volatile organic compounds and oxides of nitrogen) from cars and trucks in the greater Portland air shed to the year 2035, assuming all the transportation facilities in the RTP are built. The estimate must not exceed a "budget" approved for the region by the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The capital program for SMART shows Federal Transit Administration funded projects and the federal amount to be expended, as well as the time period established for public review of and comment on these projects. This public process is being used to meet the FTA’s public participation requirements for the Program of Projects.

MTIP Amendments

Metro reports the amendments made to the current MTIP to the Transportation Policy Alternatives Committee (TPAC). These amendments are bundled into the quarterly package. Previous quarterly amendment reports can be found below.

Local project sponsors who need to make a reqest to amend the current MTIP, please complete the Amendment Request form and email to

Annual Obligation Reports

Obligation reports detail how projects eligible for federal funding in the MTIP, establish contracts with the USDOT to receive reimbursement of eligible project expenses incurred by the agency managaing the project. The 2012 and 2013 project obligation reports are now available for download below. Obligation reports from previous years are available upon request.

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