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Refinement phase activities and next steps

Download the latest fact sheet, answering frequently asked questions and highlighting the work of the refinement phase, from November 2013 to June 2014. Download PDF (1M)

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Creating the Southwest Corridor Plan

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Find out the process and timeline for transforming local visions, existing conditions and policies, and your ideas into an implementation strategy that will support and create great communities in the Southwest corridor.

Refinement phase, November 2013 to June 2014

Based on the shared investment strategy, the Southwest Corridor Plan has entered a refinement phase for a potential high capacity transit connection between Portland, Tigard and Tualatin. During the refinement phase, project partners will further narrow the high capacity transit design options that came out of the initial phase of the Southwest Corridor Plan and move forward the most promising for further study under the National Environmental Policy Act.
Find out more about the National Environmental Policy Act and the role of public participation (PDF)

November/December 2013January/February/March 2014March/AprilMay/June

Feedback on the purpose and need
Public comment report (1M PDF)

Project purpose and need statement for refinement phase approval
Download (PDF)

Feedback on information on design options: Which seem most promising? Which can be set aside?

Guidance on narrowing design options

Feedback on station area planning and remaining design options

Draft recommendation on design options for more study

Feedback on draft recommendation

Final recommendation

Public comment opportunity

Getting to the shared investment strategy

The process flow chart below is interactive, linking to documents of interest that have been published through the plan process. Place your cursor over the link for information; click the link to download the document or go to the page.

Federal register notice

As the federal agency that will guide the Southwest Corridor Transit Alternatives Analysis, the Federal Transit Authority issued a notice in the federal register on Sept. 29, 2011, announcing the Southwest Corridor Plan kickoff.
Download the notice from the U.S. Government Printing Office (PDF)

Find more partner publications in the project library Go

Southwest Corridor Transit Alternatives Analysis

In December 2010, Metro was awarded a $2 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration to analyze alternatives for improving transit in the corridor that includes Barbur Boulevard/Highway 99W and Interstate 5. This transit alternative analysis will be part of a larger transportation plan, which will also examine opportunities for improvements to the roadway, bike, pedestrian and freight networks. Download the grant application (PDF 3.7M)

There has been speculation that the Southwest Corridor Plan could lead to a light rail project in the corridor. Although this is a possibility, this early stage of the process will include asking residents and businesses what they like about their communities, what challenges they face and what should be considered moving forward. Early next year, this wide range of potential solutions will be narrowed down based on how well they meet the needs of, and the local and regional goals for, the corridor. Light rail may be included as a potential solution at that time, but other high capacity solutions, such bus rapid transit, commuter rail or rapid streetcar, or even improved local bus, may also be pursued as well or instead.

The corridor in the vicinity of Barbur Boulevard/Highway 99W was designated in 2009 as the as next regional priority for high capacity transit expansion by the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation and the Metro Council. The corridor, identified as near-term priority under Metro’s Regional High Capacity Transit System Plan, shows the greatest ridership projections for potential high capacity transit corridors in the region. The alternatives analysis will determine what mode of high capacity transit – light rail, commuter rail, rapid streetcar or bus rapid transit – would best meet the future travel needs in the corridor.Find out more about the High Capacity Transit System Plan

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