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Community planning and development grants

Grants    Planning grants

Metro's Community Planning and Development Grants provide cities and counties with resources necessary to prepare land for development and jobs and achieve vibrant and sustainable communities.

The Metro Council established a competitive process to provide planning grants to local governments to support regional and local planning that is required to make land ready for development after its inclusion in the urban growth boundary.

Partners throughout the region work hard to build great communities and put long-term plans into action. Cities and counties have visions for their communities but often lack the resources necessary to plan for development that achieves the shared values of supporting sustainable and vibrant communities, safe and walkable neighborhoods, and good jobs. Metro works collaboratively with local governments and the development community to support the planning necessary to achieve the region's shared goals of the 2040 Growth Concept.

Learn more about the 2040 Growth Concept

Since 2006, Metro has awarded $14 million for numerous projects across the region that support planning for new communities, redevelopment of existing communities, and development of corridors and industrial and employment areas.

A third cycle of grants was approved by the Metro Council in August 2013. More than $4 million was provided to 20 community enhancement projects across the region.

Download the list of grant projects approved in 2013

The grants are funded by revenues from a regional construction excise tax. This tax is applied to construction permits and is based on the value of the permits.

Learn more about the regional construction excise tax

Learn more about the first two cycles of planning projects Metro supported with these grants

Evaluation process

Metro staff reviews applications for eligibility and forwards eligible applications to a screening committee appointed by Metro's chief operating officer.

Screening Committee: The members of the grants screening committee support the objective of the community planning and development grants program by using their experience, expertise and insight to provide a quality assessment of the development potential of each grant request.

The committee, made up of members with expertise ranging from economic development to real estate and infrastructure finance, reviews and scores the applications and submits funding recommendations to the chief operating officer. The chief operating officer evaluates the committee’s recommendations and submits them along with her own recommendations to the Metro Council. The Metro Council reviews the recommendations, selects applications for funding, determines the level of funding and awards the grants.

Grant applicants are requested not to discuss pending or potential grant proposals with members of the screening committee outside of the grant evaluation meetings to avoid a possible conflict of interest.

Evaluation criteria

Projects funded by Community Planning and Development Grants are required to demonstrate that they can:

  • Achieve on-the-ground development or re-development outcomes
  • Benefit the region by achieving established regional development goals and outcomes
  • Facilitate development or re-development in or near centers, corridors, main streets, station centers, employment areas or industrial areas, and areas where concept planning has been completed in support of the 2040 Growth Concept
  • Implement requirements of Title 11 of Metro’s Urban Growth Management Functional Plan, which guides long-range planning for urban reserves and areas added to the urban growth boundary (if applicable) Learn more about the Urban Growth Management Functional Plan
  • Demonstrate that projects will meet local needs and contribute to regional needs
  • For those projects within urban reserves or areas added to the urban growth boundary since 2009, demonstrate commitment by county, city and service providers for successful planning and adoption of plans
  • Demonstrate that projects can be replicated in other locations
  • Leverage outcomes across jurisdictions and create opportunity for private and public investment
  • Demonstrate matching funds potential
  • Further the equitable distribution of funds based on collections of revenues and planning resource needs
  • Demonstrate public involvement

An application handbook and other application materials are available to download from the links below for reference purposes. Metro is not currently soliciting new grant applications.

To view PDF files, download free Adobe Reader. To translate PDF files into text to assist visually-impaired users, visit

To view MOV files, download free QuickTime.

Informational Materials

Application Materials

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