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High Capacity Transit System Plan public participation and technical evaluation

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Find out how residents of the region helped create the the plan that will guide the next 30 years of high capacity transit investment.

Making the Greatest Place comments

As part of the draft transportation plan, the High Capacity Transit System Plan was included in the supporting documents for the recommendations from Metro's chief operating officer on strategies for a sustainable and prosperous region and part of the Making the Greatest Place comment period in fall 2009.
Read the recommendation and public comments
Learn more about the RTP update

The wide range of corridors and broad set of potential improvements to the existing MAX system were identified through past planning work and an extensive public involvement process. This public process included an online questionnaire, workshops, community group meetings, and area farmers' markets and festivals. During July through November, more than 50 stakeholders were interviewed, more than 150 people attended public workshops and more than 200 people were informed about the project and offered suggestions at farmers markets and other public events. More than 200 people participated in an interactive questionnaire on Metro's website from Aug. 12 to Oct. 1, 2008.

During the winter 2008, the values collected during public involvement efforts were incorporated into the screening criteria. Metro presented the criteria to 31 existing community groups and to Metro advisory committees. In response, 115 community members, planning staff and elected officials completed a questionnaire about the evaluation framework.

In the spring of 2009, Metro shared evaluation results with the public to begin discussing trade-offs , choices and priorities using an interactive website build-a-system tool and online survey and public outreach events. The survey was completed by 657 people, and the website was viewed by 4,256 people.
Download the public involvement outreach summary and attachments (PDF 9.3M)
Download the public involvement outreach summary (without attachments) (PDF 1.9M)

Corridor screening

Fifteen corridors along with several system improvements, such as increasing the speed of light rail through downtown Portland, have been screened for advancement and approved by regional partners and the Metro Council. Metro compared these potential investments in the high capacity transit system according to agreed-upon evaluation criteria.
Read the screening results memo (PDF 21M)

Corridor evaluation

On Feb. 12, 2009, the Metro Council approved the evaluation criteria and the set of 15 corridors that will be further assessed along with several system improvements. This evaluation will be used to rank the corridors and projects in the final High Capacity Transit System Plan. The evaluation criteria generally fall into four categories: community, environment, economy and deliverability. In spring 2009, Metro will share evaluation results with the public and begin discussing trade-offs, choices and priorities. An interactive web questionnaire and other public outreach events will happen at this time.
Read the evaluation framework memo (PDF)
Read the evaluation report (PDF 42M)
View the map of approved corridors (PDF)

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High Capacity Transit System Plan fact sheet
Download the latest fact sheet, summarizing the results of the project thus far and the next steps in the process.

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