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Read the Regional Framework Plan and the Urban Growth Management Functional Plan and follow links to other long-range plans and research that guide Metro's work and help shape the future of the region.

Metro is a regional roundtable where leaders, experts and the people of the region come together to shape our future. Thousands contributed to the development of the plans below, which set policies for the region and guide the work of Metro and its partners.

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plans, research and reports

Regional Framework Plan

Learn about the regional framework plan which unites all of Metro's adopted land use planning policies and requirements into one document.

Urban Growth Management Functional Plan

The functional plan provides tools that help meet goals in the 2040 Growth Concept, Metro's long-range growth management plan.

Regional Solid Waste Management Plan

The Regional Solid Waste Management Plan is a long-range plan that provides a framework for coordinating solid waste and recycling programs in the region.

2009 recommendations from Metro's chief operating officer

Review recommendations released Sept. 15, 2009, on strategies for a sustainable and prosperous region. Find out how residents responded to the recommendations.

Planning for industrial and employment land

Learn how the Metro Council ensures a 20-year supply of industrial and other employment land as it plans the urban growth boundary.

Putting parcelization into perspective

Learn more about parcelization and recommendations for communities to enable desired development to occur in urban areas.

Downtowns and main streets research

The region has set a course to grow as a constellation of compact, vibrant communities that use land efficiently, keep nature close by and promote strong economies. Review research that supports the success of the region's downtowns and main streets.

Local aspirations for growth

In 2009 Metro asked each city and county in the region to share their aspirations to create and sustain healthy and vital places to live, work and play.

Regional Infrastructure Analysis

As the region’s population grows, one of the challenges to successful implementation of the 2040 Growth Concept is the development and maintenance of critical infrastructure necessary to build and enhance great communities.

Pleasant Valley Concept Plan

The Pleasant Valley Concept Plan followed a 1998 regional decision to bring the area inside the urban growth boundary. The concept plan will guide the valley?s urbanization and serve as a model for future concept planning efforts.

Damascus/Boring Concept Plan

Recommended concept plan approved by project advisory committee on November 29, 2005.

Cost of congestion

Download a study examining the relationship between investments in transportation and the economy.

First transit-oriented development projects

Learn about the original 13 projects of Metro’s Transit-Oriented Development Program featuring mixed-use housing and commercial space to office and restaurant uses. View slide shows that spotlight each project's design details and neighborhood setting.

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