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Greenspaces Policy Advisory Committee

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In 2004 the Metro Council convened a group of citizens, local elected officials, park directors and civic leaders to assess the state of the greater Portland region's park system and make recommendations to the Metro Council for action.

The Greenspaces Policy Advisory Committee created a vision and described some needed actions focusing on collaboration by individuals, institutions and business.

Greenspaces Policy Advisory Committee vision, 2004

We envision an exceptional, multi-jurisdictional, interconnected system of neighborhood, community and regional parks, natural areas, trails, open spaces and recreation opportunities distributed equitably throughout the region. This region-wide system is acknowledged and valued here and around the world as an essential element of the greater Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area’s economic success, ecological health, civic vitality and overall quality of life.

As the region grows and develops, this region-wide system also expands, diversifies and matures to meet the needs of a growing and changing population. All residents live and work near and have access – regardless of income – to nature, areas for recreation and leisure, and public spaces that bring people together and connect them to their community.

This region-wide system of parks, natural areas, trails, open spaces and recreation opportunities:

  • drives the region’s economy and tourist trade
  • preserves significant natural areas for wildlife habitat and public use
  • enhances the region’s air and water quality
  • promotes citizens’ health, fitness, and personal wellbeing
  • connects the region’s communities with trails and greenways
  • provides a sense of place and community throughout the region
  • supports an ecologically sustainable metropolitan area.

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Download the full document outlining the vision, outcomes, objectives and means of the Greenspaces Policy Advisory Committee below.

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