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Metro and its partners are investigating and implementing solutions for the transportation needs of the region.

Portland/Vancouver I-5 Transportation and Trade Partnership

Washington and Oregon citizens and leaders are responding to the growing congestion in the I-5 corridor between Portland and Vancouver. The partnership is developing a strategic plan to address the needs of the highway, transit and heavy rail systems in the corridor.Visit the Portland/Vancouver I-5 Transportation and Trade Partnership site

I-5 to 99W Connector Project

Regional and local transportation plans have recognized the need for a transportation improvement between I-5 and Highway 99W for more than a decade. Washington County, Metro and the Oregon Department of Transportation are jointly leading the I-5 to 99W Connector Study to address this regional issue. Visit the I-5 to 99W Connector Project site

Sunrise Project: I-205 to Rock Creek Junction

The Oregon Department of Transportation and Clackamas County propose to build a new, east-west oriented, limited-access highway between I-205 and the Rock Creek Junction to address the existing congestion and safety problems in the OR 212/224 corridor between its interchange with I-205 and Rock Creek Junction. Visit the Sunrise Project site

Highway 217 corridor study

Metro and regional partners completed a two-year study to improve travel in the Highway 217 corridor. Read about the study findings and committee recommendations.More

Portland Streetcar Loop environmental assessment

In 2008, Metro released an environmental assessment for the extension of streetcar from downtown Portland to the Lloyd District and Central Eastside.More

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Regional Transportation Plan

Learn about the Regional Transportation Plan, the Portland metropolitan area's blueprint for a multi-modal transportation system.

Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program

The Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program document identifies how all federal transportation money is spent in the Portland metropolitan area.

Regional flexible funding

Learn about the process for allocating regional flexible funds for transportation projects and programs in the region.

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