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Resources for developers, architects and contractors

Get tips and tools for smart, innovative, nature-friendly development that creates great places to live, work and play.



Nature-friendly development

Learn more about nature-friendly development practices that benefit the environment and your business.

Integrating Habitats: Creating healthy homes for people fish and wildlife

What began as a Nature in Neighborhoods design competition has morphed into a movement! Integrating Habitats' design principles, images and ideas show how our cities, buildings and backyards can improve water quality and provide valuable wildlife habitat.

Downtowns and main streets

Cities and developers around the country are realizing the long-term benefits of mixed-use neighborhoods that combine housing, employment, retail, cultural and recreational activities in a walkable environment that is well-served by transit.

Transit-oriented development

Discover how Metro is helping spark vibrant downtowns and main streets through public/private partnerships, investments and incentives in key development projects located near transit.

Brownfields recycling program

Metro is working to promote efficient use of land through redevelopment of contaminated properties that provides economic benefits to communities.

Construction salvage and recycling

Find out how you can save money and build more sustainably by reusing and recycling construction and demolition debris.

Nature-friendly home improvement

With a little planning and inspiration, you can create a home that balances beauty and comfort with sustainable resource use and environmental health. Get ideas, practices and resources.

Regional contractor's business license

Contractors and landscapers can buy a single license from Metro to construct, alter and repair structures in 20 cities.

Metro construction excise tax

Learn about Metro's construction excise tax on construction permits to fund land use planning throughout the region.

Maps data and research

Metro’s Research Center provides state-of-the-art mapping, spatial analysis, regional economic analysis, and demographic and travel forecasting for Metro, its regional partners, businesses and the public.

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Green Building Hotline and Resource Center

Check out a free resource for green building strategies, tips and technical assistance. Residents, businesses and organizations in the region can call 503-823-5431 or visit the website. Go

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BoneyardNW connects buyers and sellers of used commercial construction materials. Builders make money from salvaged materials and designers can find high-quality and vintage materials at a good price.

Mimic nature

Nature-friendly development

Nature-friendly development

Using nature-friendly development practices protects our natural assets as we grow by reducing the impact of development on natural resources. Also called green or low impact development, nature-friendly development practices look beyond the building envelope and focus on land development and site design that mimic nature's processes.
Learn more about nature-friendly development

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