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Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project station area planning

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The Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project is seeking community input on ideas to make station areas vibrant, attractive and safe places for transit riders, nearby residents, businesses, affected traffic including pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

light rail station

Well planned light rail stations have the ability to transform the communities where they are located. Station areas can become focal points for commerce and gathering places for local residents, but how light rail transforms a community is up to those who work, live, or play in the area. The goal of station area planning during the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement process is to provide opportunities for public involvement in shaping the influence stations have on neighboring communities.

The project approaches station area assessment and planning differently in Southeast Portland neighborhoods than in Milwaukie and Oak Grove. This difference in approach reflects the varied contexts the proposed stations areas. The stations locations in Southeast Portland neighborhoods are settled in their approximate locations based on a decade of public discussion of design choices. In contrast, the community still needs to discuss which station locations make the most sense in Milwaukie and Oak Grove, evaluating design options and impact mitigation. In both cases, community participation in the station assessment and planning process is critical to creating light rail stations that are great places.

Southeast Portland stations

Through community open houses and workshops, the project partners heard from hundreds of Southeast Portland residents, business owners and property owners. In October 2007, the project hosted community workshops where members of the public helped to conduct an assessment of each station area and suggest improvements to the station areas. In November 2007, the project partners shared these community ideas and technical assessment of ideas at open houses and asked for feedback on the relative importance of each improvement idea. The project team also asked community members to tour the stations in their neighborhood and complete a comment form.The project team is now developing recommendations for improvements to station areas based on these comments.
Download summaries of station conditions and public comments below

station plan illustration

Milwaukie and Oak Grove Stations

The project heard from hundreds of residents during two station area planning meetings in Milwaukie and Oak Grove in March 2008. Each meeting began with a presentation about the conditions, opportunities, and challenges around the proposed stations. Time was then allocated to group table work. In Oak Grove, participants shared their perceptions about opportunities and challenges of the station locations and the project as a whole. Participants then reconvened as one group to share those thoughts through a community dialog. In Milwaukie the table work focused on prioritizing the station locations.
Download summaries of station conditions and public comments below

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