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Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project public participation and decision-making process

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Learn about opportunities for public participation and the committees involved in the decision-making process for the project.

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Public participation

TriMet is now the lead for public involvement opportunities, including citizen advisory and project steering committee meetings. Metro led public involvement through the environmental planning process.

Decision-making process

Decisions for the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project are made through a flexible, interactive process involving the citizen advisory, technical advisory and steering committees, the project management group. TriMet now convenes these groups.

Citizen advisory committee

The citizen advisory committee includes local residents, business leaders and representatives from public institutions and community groups. The committee makes recommendations to the steering committee, the technical advisory committee and project management group.

Technical advisory committee

The technical advisory committee provides analysis of technical and environmental findings. Comprises technical staff from local jurisdictions.

Project management group

The project management group reviews technical recommendations and oversees management of technical and environmental findings. Comprises senior management from local jurisdictions.

Steering committee

The steering committee made a final recommendations to Metro Council and to jurisdictions along the alignment. Membership comprises elected officials from Portland City Council, Milwaukie City Council, Oregon City Commission, Multnomah County Commission, Clackamas County Commission, executives from TriMet and the Oregon Department of Transportation, and the Citizen Advisory Committee chair.

Safety and security task force

The safety and security task force was formed in response to public concerns and questions regarding safety issues related to light rail. The task force was created during the environmental analysis to ensure that public concerns about safety are reflected throughout the process. The task force provides feedback and input on:

  1. design principles to enhance safety and security at station areas
  2. community input about stations in each segment, overall alignment issues and operations as they relate to safety and security.
  3. elements for outreach and education strategy for safety and security.

Task force meetings included safety and security presentations as well as tours of the Interstate MAX alignment and the proposed Portland-Milwaukie light rail route.

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The planned line to Milwaukie will provide even more opportunities for people to work, play and shop in our vibrant, growing county.

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