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Annexation and boundary change information

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Metro provides procedures and criteria for boundary changes to cities and special districts within Metro. Metro handles the statutorily required distribution of each boundary change decision to complete the change process. See Metro Code 3.09 for details.

Annexation map

Annexation search tool

Search for regional annexations and boundary changes, and view or download final action documents.

Annexation process

The local jurisdiction initiates a boundary change, and should provide Metro with the following items for the final action packet:

  • Final approval from DOR or the "Notice to Taxing Districts"
  • Annexation Order, Ordinance or Resolution
  • A valid legal description of the annexation
  • A map clearly showing the current boundary (if available) and the proposed annexation area
  • Any additional pertinent documents including staff comments and findings (if available)
  • A check payable to Metro for the mapping and filing fee (see below)

Metro will map the annexation and make the appropriate notifications to the Secretary of State's Archives Division, the county elections supervisor, and the county assessor. Please note that an annexation is not in effect until filed with the Secretary of State (subject to ORS 222.180 and/or ORS 222.750).

Annexation notifications

Periodically, Metro sends e-mail notifications of recent annexations.Sign up now

Fee schedule

A filing and mapping fee is charged by Metro for each annexation and boundary change application according to the following schedule:

  • $150 Less than 1.0 acre
  • $250 1.0 to 5.0 acres
  • $300 5.1 to 40.0 acres
  • $400 Greater than 40.0 acres

For more information, see Metro Code, Chapter 3.09, Local Government Boundary Changes. Go

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