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Economic and land use forecasting

Maps, data and research    Economic and land use forecasting

Looking for data, reports or forecasts on land, population and employment? Metro compiles and maintains a wealth of information about the economy and demographics of the region.

Most Metro data is defined by the region's boundary, but in some cases the data are presented by county, city jurisdiction or census tract. Data comparing national trends are also provided where available or of interest.

Where does the data come from?

The Regional Land Information System (RLIS) is an acclaimed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program that provides comprehensive data relevant to issues affecting the three counties and 25 cities in the metro area. The data are created and maintained at the Data Resource Center in cooperation with our regional partners. Additional data are compiled from other sources such as the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, or Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Discover in this section

Socioeconomic and land data sets

Facts about the region's economy and demographics compiled in easy to use Excel spreadsheets, including regional forecast allocation, land data, population and households, employment and income, and housing supply.More

Publications and technical papers

Choose from scholarly papers to spreadsheet databases on topics ranging from regional economic conditions and demographic trends, to population forecasting and modeling.More

2035 Forecast

Learn more about how Metro collaborates with local communities to better serve population and employment growth that supports good jobs, safe neighborhoods, and a healthy region. More

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By the Numbers

Number of new residents that the metro region gains on an average week. About a million more people will be living here by 2030.

Maps and data

Geographic Information Systems data
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data are created and maintained at the Metro Data Resource Center, as well as by other jurisdictions and agencies in the region. Metro acts as a clearinghouse for spatial data - providing a "one stop shopping" approach to accessing regional data. These regional data are known as the Regional Land Information System (RLIS).

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