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Doing business with Metro

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Suppliers and contractors selected by Metro provide quality goods and services at competitive prices and meet agreed upon deadlines for delivery of goods and services.

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Proposals and bids should be timely and include up-to-date information on your capabilities, qualifications and experience.

Delivery of goods

Bids and quotes for goods should be submitted on a FOB (free-on-board destination) basis. Prices offered must include all shipping and handling, with the goods becoming the property of Metro upon acceptance of the delivery. Suppliers own the goods while in transit and are responsible for any loss or damages prior to delivery.

How Metro pays

Metro has a strong record of timely payment and pays invoices on a net 30-day basis. Submit invoices to or:

Accounts Payable
600 NE Grand Ave.
Portland, OR 97232

Reference the purchase order or contract number on the invoice. Metro welcomes discount terms when offered prompt payment. Direct questions about payment on invoices to or 503-797-1628 (A-M), 503-797-1629 (N-Z).

Procurement cards

Metro departments use procurement cards for purchases such as operational supplies, products, office supplies, subscriptions, memberships and travel related expenses.

Bidding procedures

Intermediate contracts

Purchases and contracts over $5,000 and under $100,000 require a minimum of three informal quotations. Fax or e-mail responses are acceptable. Additionally, all purchases under $50,000 require at least one MBE, WBE and ESB be contacted to submit a quote. Visit ORPIN

A purchase order or a procurement card may be used by Metro for the purchase of goods.

Formal bids and requests for proposals

For purchases and contracts over $100,000 a formal process is required. Metro will issue a Request for Bid (RFB) or Request for Proposal (RFP). Formal solicitations are publicly advertised in local papers and posted on Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN). Responses must be submitted in a sealed envelope and at the time and location specified. Visit ORPIN

For a RFB, Metro must award the contract to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. For a RFP, Metro will award the contract to the firm submitting the highest ranked proposal, with cost being one of the criteria considered.

Procurement regulations

Metro’s contracting and procurement practices are governed by Oregon’s Public Contracting Code and Metro Code 2.04. We award contracts through open, competitive bidding, in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

Need assistance?

Metro accounts payable
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Metro procurement services

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Metro ethics

Ethical procurement process

Metro is committed to the fair and ethical treatment of all bidders and proposers. Procurement staff abide by the code of ethics established by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, which ensures a level playing field, avoids conflicts of interest and acts in the best interest of the public agency. Read the code

Need to report?

The Metro Ethics Line gives the public and vendors an avenue to report misconduct, waste or misuse of resources in any Metro program or department. The Ethics Line is administered by the Metro Auditor. All reports are taken seriously and responded to in a timely manner. Your report will serve the public interest and assist Metro in meeting high standards of public accountability, including our procurement process. Go to the Ethics Line

By the Numbers

$100 million
During FY 2012-13, Metro awarded nearly $100 million in purchases and contracts, much of it going to regional businesses.

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