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Digital aerial photography

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Your best source for current, high resolution aerial photography of the Portland metropolitan region.

Digital aerial photography

Digital imagery files available by the square mile section to work with your Geographic Information System and raster image software.


 Summer 2012 of urban and rural areas, and summer 2013 of urban areas only are most current flights available.

  • natural color, ortho-rectified digital imagery
  • TIFF or JPEG images
  • 6-inch pixel high resolution for urban areas, or 1-foot resolution for urban and rural areas
  • urban plus rural flight covers the Portland metropolitan area in 969 tiles; each tile covers a PLSS section (one square mile)
  • urban flight covers 602 tiles
  • imagery from past years available at limited resolutions

To order

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Pricing per section

Resolution (in pixels)One sectionTwo – 29 SECTIONS30+
6-inch $50 $40 $32
1-foot $35 $28 $22

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