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The Intertwine

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The Metro Council is teaming up with governments, businesses, nonprofits and other nature lovers to create the world’s best network of parks, trails and natural areas.

The Intertwine is an ever-growing network of integrated parks, trails and natural areas that will one day soon be the world's greatest system of its kind. The Intertwine provides unparalleled opportunities to preserve natural areas, water and wildlife habitat. The Intertwine reflects our region's passion for quality of life by encouraging recreation, connection to nature and active transportation such as walking, running and biking. As our urban areas grow denser, The Intertwine promotes the health and happiness we, as residents of the Pacific Northwest, so dearly value.

Metro helped spark this movement by spearheading the Connecting Green Summit in 2007. Now, as a founding member of the Intertwine Alliance, Metro works with public and private partners - from Travel Portland to The Trust for Public Land, from Keen Footwear to Clean Water Services. Find out how to get involved or learn about the region's outdoor adventures on The Intertwine website.Visit

Metro not only manages a network of regional parks and natural areas - but also helps lead the Portland region's conversation about the outdoors. Here's how Metro is helping make The Intertwine a reality:

Land acquisition

Metro is taking action on the voter-approved 2006 natural areas bond measure. So far 2,400 acres have been protected in more than a dozen critical areas, which will benefit fish and wildlife for generations to come. Local park providers are also buying and improving natural areas with Metro bond funds.Find out about natural areas being protected across the region

Trails, greenways and active transportation

Metro's Blue Ribbon Committee for Trails made a case in 2008 for spending more money on transportation projects that get people out of their cars - including a few trails that could be used as learning laboratories. Success, the committee says, will set the stage for future investment in trails across the Portland region. Read the Blue Ribbon Committee for Trails report

Metro launched the Active Transportation Council, which is a coalition of business, government and nonprofit leaders working to implement the committee's recommendations. And Metro is always at work on a regional trails and greenways system.
Learn more about active transportation
Learn more about regional trails

Environmental education

Metro hosts sneak preview tours of new natural areas, leads paddling and bird-watching expeditions and rounds up volunteers to plant trees or pull weeds. All these outings help people experience The Intertwine first-hand.
Check out Metro's latest nature activities
Learn about Metro's investment in Outdoor School


Metro has convened a broad coalition of conservation organizations to pull together 20 years of conservation planning and create an integrated blueprint for regional conservation. The plan will help government, nonprofit and private organizations work together to care for and restore thousands of acres of natural area land and create habitat for wildlife.

Parks network

Metro has convened parks directors from across the region to work together. The group is seeking cost efficiencies as well as new options for outdoor recreation. Another priority is to better care for our existing parks and trails.

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Find out how Metro and partners across the region are working to complete the regional active transportation network.

Blue Ribbon Committee for Trails

A committee of civic, business and elected leaders gathered at Metro to think big about regional trails. Read their recommendations for investing in and planning our transportation systems to maximize mobility, livability and community.

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research highlights

Regional system benefits

You enjoy The Intertwine as a favorite park, a local trail, a choice river run or a quiet moment in the stillness of a natural area. But there’s research and science behind the brilliance of The Intertwine that illuminates the benefits to people, the planet and the economy. Want to know more? Read on.

Health benefits
Environmental benefits
Economic benefits
Personal benefits survey

Featured video

It's Our Nature Sockeye video

It's Our Nature

Transport yourself to a few of the forests and trails, clearings and creeks protected by Metro's voter-approved Natural Areas Program. Goosebumps guaranteed. Watch the video

Regional roundtable

See the maps, benefits and list of partners for the 20 trail packages being reviewed by the Blue Ribbon Committee for Trails, which is working to propose a funding strategy to complete the region's network of bicycle and walking trails.

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