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Managing garbage and recycling

Planning and conservation    Managing garbage and recycling

Wondering where the garbage for 1.5 million people goes? Find out how Metro guides the region’s garbage and recycling systems and works to reduce waste.

Solid waste roadmap

Making the most of what we don't want

The Solid Waste Roadmap is a multi-year effort to evaluate and determine the best approaches for Metro to dispose of the region's garbage after 2019. It provides an opportunity to have extensive and thoughtful discussions about the best ways we can manage our garbage in the future. Learn more

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Metro adopts business recycling requirements

In September 2008, the Metro Council adopted a new program to increase business recycling in the region...More

Disposal system planning

Learn about the region's disposal system, its history, as well as plans for its future. Download reports about regional transfer capacity, wet waste allocation, landfill history, the impact of self-haul customers and more...More

Regional Solid Waste Management Plan

The Regional Solid Waste Management Plan (RSWMP) is a long-range plan that provides a framework for coordinating solid waste and recycling programs in the region...More

Metro solid waste and recycling system overview

Metro is responsible for planning and managing the recycling and disposal of solid waste generated in the region...More

How much are we recycling?

Statistics about waste that is recycled and landfilled from the metro region. This data is collected annually by Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.In 2005 58.6 percent of the waste generated in the Metro region was recovered or prevented (up from 57 percent in 2004). The metro region has a recovery goal of 64 percent by 2009...More

St. Johns Landfill

Learn about the history and restoration of the St. Johns Landfill located on the North Portland Peninsula near the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette rivers...More

Recycling and waste reduction program reports

Learn more about the issues facing waste reduction in the region with these studies and proposals...More

Metro's solid waste rate setting process

Metro Council directed staff to assess the processes and practices that Metro uses for setting solid waste disposal rates at its two transfer stations. Read about the findings and recommendations...More

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Metro Solid Waste Advisory Committee

SWAC develops policy options for the Metro Council that would reduce the amount and toxicity of waste generated and disposed by the region, and enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of the region's solid waste system.

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