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Solid waste management franchising and licensing

Doing business    Solid waste franchising and licensing

Find resources for solid waste generators, haulers and facility operators, including regulatory authority, administrative procedures, applications and renewal forms.

Metro is responsible for managing the region's solid waste system in an effective, economical and environmentally sound manner, including protecting human health and welfare. To carry out its responsibility, Metro regulates private solid waste facilities to ensure that they operate in compliance with Metro's solid waste code, administrative procedures and performance standards and that they pay appropriate Metro fees and taxes that fund programs that benefit the citizens in the region.

Solid waste stakeholder roundtable

The Roundtable is a quarterly forum for Metro, industry, local governments and other stakeholders to update each other on current activities and discuss issues or projects that may warrant regional collaboration.

View a presentation from the Jan. 19, 2010 meeting.Download (3.8M PDF)

Discover in this section

Solid waste administrative procedures and guidelines

Find administrative procedures for Metro Code Title V Solid Waste which includes the authority to regulate the solid waste generated and disposed and all solid waste facilities located within the region...More

Solid waste management franchising

Download application forms for solid waste facility franchises...More

Solid waste management licensing

Find application forms for solid waste facility, generator and hauler licenses...More

Supplemental solid waste franchise and license forms

Find supplemental forms needed for solid waste franchise and license applications, changes and reports...More

Information for construction and demolition waste businesses

If you generate or collect mixed waste and deliver it to a processing or disposal facility not licensed or franchised by Metro you must have a non-system license...More

Solid waste facility renewal forms

Download forms to renew an existing franchise or license for a local transfer station, material recovery facility or yard debris composting or reload facility...More

About Metro's role

The purpose of Metro's solid waste regulatory affairs division is to assure that private solid waste facilities are in compliance with Metro’s Code, administrative procedures, performance standards and Metro-granted authorizations. Specific responsibilities include facility franchising and licensing (solid waste and compost operations); facility inspections; cleanup and investigation of illegal dump sites; investigations of potential violators; and, when necessary, enforcement, including assessment of monetary penalties. The division includes three major programs:

  • Facility regulation (franchising, licensing and inspections)
  • Illegal dumpsite cleanup and enforcement
  • Enforcement (including investigation and prosecution)

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Did you know?

Metro crews have cleaned up former transient camps, removed abandoned boats from various locations and winched everything from furniture to car parts out of ravines and other difficult terrain.

News highlight

Metro to boost regional sustainability with new waste requirements

On Jan. 1, 2009, Metro launched key changes in the processing and disposal of mixed dry waste – primarily construction and demolition debris – generated in the Portland metropolitan area. The Enhanced Dry Waste Recovery Program is aimed to further increase the amount of recyclable materials recovered in the region.

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