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Regional flexible funding

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Learn about the process for allocating regional flexible funds for transportation projects and programs in the region.

Metro manages the regional flexible fund program for which the Metro Council and the Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation select transportation programs and projects for federal flexible funds. Though they comprise only about 4 percent of the transportation investment in our region, flexible funds attract considerable interest because the region has greater discretion on how the funds are spent, allowing greater focus on local priorities and innovative solutions.

Regional flexible funds come from three federal grant programs: the Surface Transportation Program, the Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality Program and the Transportation Alternatives Program. The regional flexible fund allocation process identifies which projects in the Regional Transportation Plan will receive funding. Regional flexible funds are allocated every two years and are included in the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program.
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Project and program applications may be nominated by jurisdictions, transportation or transit agencies within the metropolitan region. These funds can be spent on a number of different types of improvements, except local street construction. Also, projects must be listed in the Regional Transportation Plan or subsequently added if not already listed.

2016-18 flexible funds allocation

The Portland metropolitan region has prioritized transportation projects and program activities to receive the regional flexible funds available in the federal fiscal years 2016 through 2018. Allocation of these funds relied on collaboration to advance transportation investments that keep our neighborhoods safe, support economic vitality and make the most of the transportation system in place today. Go

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