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Councilor Robert Liberty's newsletter archive

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July 2009

"Light Rail on Barbur and Powell Boulevards: Moving to the Head of the Line? A personal message from Councilor Liberty;" Outcomes from the JPACT Retreat; Project Polar Bear invites teens to team up, Win an adventure

June 2009
"The $1 billion barbecue in Salem," A personal message from Councilor Liberty; Oregon Zoo Concerts a-go!; Cooper Mountain Nature Park opens to visitors June 27th!  
May 2009
"Columbia River Crossing: It's Time for a Plan E, A personal message from Councilor Liberty;" Metro considers fee changes for solid waste disposal; Metro report shows urban centers, corridors generally most affordable  
April 2009
"Portland Milwaukie Light Rail Bridge, A personal message from Councilor Liberty;" Was there a recommendation or decision? Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project Considers Changes to Stops in SE Portland; Transit Investments Considered for SE Powell, SW Barbur, SE Foster Road; Metro launches high capacity transit build-a-system tool; Metro is cautious in financial downturn  
March 2009 

"A moment of unanimity on the Columbia River Crossing...that you never read about"; Sellwood Bridge Recommendation; Metro's recycling hotline: over two million served; Preferred design selected for Lone Fir Pioneer Cemetery memorial park

February 2009
"Earning the big bucks - A personal message from Councilor Liberty"; Metro Council takes up Columbia River Crossing again; Visitors flock to zoo in record numbers despite rain, snow, recession; Final chance to weigh in on the 2010-13 regional flexible funding recommendation  
January 2009 "Gilded age, golden age: It is a new year and possibly a new era."; Public weighs in on regional transportation funding; Events to note in District 6
December 2008
"After a century of waiting we have another urban President"; "The sweating polar bear"; High Capacity Transit System Plan enters screening phase - District 6; Beijing impressions; Metro Councilor Inauguration invite
November 2008
"Is North "Up"?"; Stop illegal dumping in your neighborhood - call Metro's RID Patrol; Grant workshops offered by Metro helps communities invite nature into neighborhoods
October 2008 "Bail-outs, Melt-downs and Grow-ups"; Celebrating 25 years of Salmon Festival and Millions of years of Salmon in the Sandy River; Zoo welcomes baby elephant Samudra; Public comment sought on 2010-13 Regional Flexible Fund Allocations
September 2008 (299K) "The 50 percent solution"; Metro Council approves locally preferred alternative for Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project; Metro Council awards grants to three neighborhood enhancement projects
August 2008 (180K) "Columbia River Crossing: Now that everyone has finished singing Kumbaya, who is going to pick up the $3.6 billion tab?"; Improving the Oregon Zoo
July 2008 (168K) "Increasing Oregon gas taxes by 60 percent, for what?"; Open Houses help shape our region for the next half century; Lake Oswego to Portland transit project comment period
June 2008 (140K) "The Controversial $4 Billion 12-lane Columbia River Bridge"; Metro's new website address
May 2008 (128K) The Metro Council adopts sustainability resolution; Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project open houses in May; Celebrating Earth Day billboard artwork; Hotline helps homeowners build green
April 2008 (132K) Metro and partners begin work on urban and rural reserves; Metro debuts new illegal dumping signs at SOLV IT; Metro to unveil winners of Earth Day billboard designs at April 5 celebration; Metro Council on the road!
March 2008 (124K) Lake Oswego to Portland Transit Alternatives Study moves forward; Metro considers business recycling requirements; Integrating Habitats Peoples' Choice Awards; Metro offers free natural gardening seminar; Condors raised at Oregon Zoo to be released into the wild; Show off your garden
February 2008 (124K) Design competition winners announced Feb. 26; Metro councilors help ‘Fork it Over!; Metro Council approves Request for Proposals for ten-year waste transport contract; Options studied for Columbia River Crossing
January 2008 (268K) "Some New Year's Resolutions"; Metro protects water quality and wildlife habitat in Johnson Creek watershed; Regional Transportation Plan update moves forward
December 2007 (264K) "The 345"; Carlotta Collette appointed to Metro Council; Metro-supported projects receive awards; Restoration and enhancement grants open for pre-application; Action scheduled for Lake Oswego to Portland corridor
November 2007 (294K) "Run those policies up a poll and see who salutes"; Council votes to continue studying headquarters hotel; Public comments sought for Regional Transportation Plan
September 2007 (154K) "Sticker Shock"; 2040 Match of the Century-Corridors vs. Centers; Metro Council considers options for convention center hotel
August 2007 (152K) "The Summer Fruits of Policy"; Mark your Calendar!/Corridors versus Centers debate/Wednesday, September 26; Metro purchases two Johnson Creek watershed properties with funds from 2006 bond measure
July 2007 (152K) "What flavor of 2040 would you prefer?"; Metro and partners succeed with land-use law reforms
June 2007 (154K) "Our Place in the Global Economy Could Be a Great Place to Live"; Metro Council awards $421,000 in Nature in Neighborhoods grants; Public invited to discuss options to improve transportation between Lake Oswego and Portland; Metro holds open house on natural areas bond measure investments in SE and SW Portland
May 2007 (198K) "Rolling a mile in another man's wheels"; Three Bridges open on Springwater Trail; Hillsdale Plaza design update; Metro co-hosts 2007 economic development speaker series
April 2007 (156K) "The Infill Next Door"; Metro Council co-hosts 2007 economic development speaker series; Foster-Woodstock Sidewalks, NE/SE Bikeway funded by Metro Council; Portland to Milwaukie light rail open house Monday April 9 at OMSI; Columbia River Crossing update
March 2007 (146K) "Waiting in the Anteroom of the Great Hall of Extinction"; Columbia River Crossing Update; Portland-Milwaukie light rail project kicks into gear; Volunteer with Councilor Liberty March 13
February 2007 (147K) "The Columbia River Crossing Study: We Must Consider More Alternatives Than Just a New 10 or 12 Lane Freeway Bridge That May Cost Taxpayers $2 Billion"; Metro to hear public testimony on 2008-11 MTIP final draft list Feb. 13; Oregon Zoo hosts climate change lecture series
January 2007 (189K) "Farewell and Welcome"; Metro Council updates Regional Transportation Plan; Food Policy Council & Metro; Second round of Nature in Neighborhoods grants closing soon
December 2006 (153K) "Natural bonding in the neighborhoods"; Metro voters approve natural areas bond measure; Liberty as Mr. Rock E. Goat at ZooLights Dec. 20
November 2006 (267K) "Troubled Bridge over Muddied Waters"; Neighborhood Transportation Improvements; Nature in Neighborhoods Grants
October 2006 (142K) "Where Did that Quarter Century Go?!?" Junketopia: Animal Spaces; Junketopia: People Places, 2008-11 Transportation Priorities; Volunteer with Councilor Liberty

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