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Leave Management follow-up audit
April 2014
Progress was reviewed on the recommendations in the 2010 audit Auditors found that one recommendation had been implemented and progress made on several other recommendations.

MWESB Procurement Program
March 2014
Auditors examined Metro's MWESB procurement program to determine if it was managed effectively to meet goals and objectives.

Organic Waste Program
Oct. 2013
This audit looked at the region’s organic waste program, which includes food and yard debris.  We studied the collection and processing of organic waste within the system.

Annual Report FY 2012-13
October 2013
A summary of office performance, expenditures and audits completed for the fiscal year.  Also includes Ethics Line activity and highlights.

IT Software Controls follow-up audit
July 2013
The office reviewed progress made on the 2009 audit recommendations.  Auditors determined that one of the six recommendations from the first audit were successfully implemented.  Metro has made progress on the other five.

Tracking Transportation Project Outcomes
June 2013
The Metro Auditor’s Office released an audit on Metro’s capacity to evaluate transportation project outcomes on three light rail stations.  This is the second audit in this area, with the previous audit completed in 2010.

Payroll & Benefits follow-up audit
May 2013
The Office reviewed progress made on recommendations in the 2010 audit.  The audit was initiated after a report was received in November 2012 on Metro’s Ethics Line alleging several errors in payroll calculations.

Risk Management Program 
January 2013
An audit was conducted to assess the effectiveness of Mertro's risk management program and to determine if available resources were used to control costs and manage safety incidents.

Quality Control Peer Review 
December 2012
An external audit team determined that the Metro Auditor's office fully complied with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards for the review period December 2009 through October 2012. 

Span of Control
November 2012
Auditors analyzed the effectiveness of a 2008 reorganization that made changes to the structure of several departments.  They reviewed the manager to employee ratio and layers of management in the organization

Annual Report FY 2011-2012
October 2012
A summary of audits and projects completed for the fiscal year, as well as Ethics Line activity and highlights.

Sustainability Management audit follow-up
June 2012
In an audit released today, the Office of the Metro Auditor reviewed progress made on recommendations in the 2009 audit, Sustainability Management:  Focus efforts and evaluate progress.

Financial Condition of Metro FY 2002 to FY 2011
June 2012
Based on a ten-year period from FY 2001-02 to FY 2010-11, the audit reviewed long-term trends in the areas of revenues, expenditures, debt, assets and liquidity and to provide the Metro Council and citizens with an independent assessment of financial health.

Audit wins national recognition
April 2012
The Association of Local Government Auditors has awarded the Metro Auditor's Office with the Gold Award for Small Shops.  The audit winning the award is Large Contract Administration, released in 2011.

Natural Areas Maintenance
April 2012
The Office of the Metro Auditor released an audit today that reviewed Metro’s management of the natural areas it owns.  The purpose of this audit was to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches Metro had taken to maintain its land.

Annual Report FY 2010-2011
November 2011
A summary of audits and projects completed for the fiscal year, as well as Ethics Line activity and highlights.

Recruitment and Selection Process
November 2011
After receiving a report on the Metro Ethics Line, a review was performed of Metro's recruitment and selection process.

Oregon Zoo Follow-up Audit
This was a follow-up to the 2009 audit “Oregon Zoo Capital Construction.”  The Metro Auditor found good progress made on recommendations from the original audit.

Large Contract Administration
Auditors reviewed the management of three high-dollar, multi-year contracts.  The contracts were for the operation of Metro’s two solid waste transfer facilities and food and beverage services at the Expo Center, Oregon Convention Center and Center for the Performing Arts.

Frequent Flyer Benefits
The purpose of this audit was to determine what controls were in place to ensure Metro employees complied with ethics laws related to travel benefits.

Waste Reduction & Outreach:  Audit Follow-up
A formal follow-up was performed on the 2008 audit, Waste Reduction and Outreach:  Shift in strategy recommendedAuditor reviewed the status of the recommendations to management and found they had made progress in implementing the majority of the recommendations.

Fleet Management:  Audit Follow-up
A follow-up to the 2009 audit, Fleet Management: Implement Agency-wide Management.  The audit reviewed the status of five recommendations to management for improvement.

Transit-Oriented Development Program:  Audit Follow-up
The office assessed the TOD Program's implementation of recommendations from the 2008 audit entitled "Transit-Oriented Development Program:  Improve transparency and oversight."   

Website Survey Data - A survey of Metro's website was conducted during the course of the Public Engagement Audit.  The results were analyzed as part of the audit and the data set from that analysis is available for revlew.  

Public Engagement - This audit evaluated the effectiveness of Metro's efforts to engage and learn from the public about regional policy choices.  

Leave Management - Metro employee leave patterns were reviewed and analyzed, using data over a two-year period.  The audit found variations in leave patterns among departments.  

Payroll and Benefit Programs - Business processes were evaluated to determine if payroll was completed accurately and employee benefits managed strategically to address service quality and rising costs.  

Financial Condition of Metro FY00-FY09 - This report provides citizens and public officials with an overview of Metro's financial condition over the 10-year period.  Included in the report are highlights and analysis of financial and demographic data.  

Zoo Audit Wins ALGA Award - The Association for Local Government Auditors (ALGA) has awarded the Metro Auditor's office with the Knighton Gold Award for Small Audit Shops. The audit receiving the award was the "Oregon Zoo Capital Construction" audit, released in November 2009.  

Functional Plan Compliance Follow-up Audit - In March 2008, the Office released an audit that examined how Metro monitors compliance with the Functional Plan.  The scope of this follow-up audit was to determine if Metro took action to improve the monitoring process. 

Transportation Project Outcomes - This audit was conducted to determine if transportation projects completed between Federal Fiscal Years 2004 and 2008 were compatible with the goals in the 2040 Plan. 

Natural Areas Follow-up Audit - In a follow-up to the Natural Areas Program audit released in 2007, auditors found that Metro staff had implemented all but one of the recommendations. Program staff are commended for their efforts in responding to the recommendations.    

Peer Review - The Office of the Auditor received a successful review of its quality control system by a peer review team of outside auditors in November 2009.  The review is a requirement of the U.S. GAO and applies to federal, state and local government audit offices. 

Oregon Zoo Construction - A review of construction management and oversight concluded that improvements should be in place to be prepared for the 2008 bond measure.  The audit recommended improvements be made in cost and project management.    

IT Software Controls - This audit assessed the procedures designed to ensure data quality were effective and key practices followed.  Auditors examined three side systems utilized in different departments within Metro.    

Procurement Card Program - A random sampling of transactions for a two-year period was reviewed.  Based upon that study, we are reasonably assured that fraud and abuse did not occur during the period studied..   

Fleet Management - Metro has various methods to provide employees with transportation to work sites and its facilities.  The purpose of this audit was to determine if Metro's fleet services were managed efficiently and effectively.   

Sustainability Management - This audit reviewed Metro's internal sustainability efforts.  The purpose of the audit, titled Sustainability Management: Focus efforts and evaluate progress, was to determine if Metro strategically managed its efforts to achieve the intended results and ensure cost-effectiveness   

Waste Reduction and Outreach - The Division was audited to determine if resources were used strategically. Recent events suggest that Metro should realign resources to better support waste prevention activities.   

Transit-oriented Development Program - The audit of this program was performed to determine if there was adequate oversight and if selection and funding processes were sufficiently transparent. 

Metro Hazardous Waste Disposal Contract - A review of Metro's contract for the disposal of hazardous waste collected at its facilities.

Financial Condition of Metro FY98-FY07 - This audit was performed to review the long term trends in revenues, expenditures, debt, assets and liquidity of Metro.

Functional Plan Compliance - audit of the process used by the Planning Department to monitor compliance with the Urban Growth Management Functional Plan.

Natural Areas Program - this audit was performed to ensure that a strong foundation and processes were in place to begin the 2006 bond measure program.

MERC Performance Measurement system - The Metropolitan Exposition Recreation Commission has developed a good performance measurement system and recommendations were made to guide its next steps.


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